Classic Christmas colors of reds and greens from sage and lime to deep emeralds and rich reds. Classic decorations with Poinsettias, holly, and elegant ribbons. A classic Christmas tree that fits any decor.

christmas tree decorated with garlands of large flower blooms in red, pink, and light green, roses, poinsettias, and hydrangeas, gold and white ball garlands
2023 RAZ Charming Holiday
christmas tree with holly ribbon, striped balls, holly berries, santas and snowmen
2023 RAZ Heartfelt Holiday
tartan tidings christmas tree, red green white plaid ribbon, rich red finials, candle lights, huge red poinsettias, emerald green and red shiny ball garlands and picks, big red bows
Tartan Tidings – RAZ 2022
making spirits bright tree, red berry garlands frosted and plain, big bold kribbons, red glass finial, berry balls, red berry picks, holly trimmed ornaments, gold packages wrapped with red ribbon under tree, red glass kismets
Making Spirits Bright – RAZ 2022
classic christmas colors of bright red and emerald green, cream and red embroidered poinsettia ribbon, red tulips and poinsettias, gold ornaments, varigated holly sprays
Christmas Eve – RAz 2021
fresh looking christmas tree theme with large white and red poinsettias, berry balls, red berry clusters, narcissus or paper whites, embroidered ribbons
The Greenery Shop – RAZ 2020
classic red and green christmas tree with white hanging candles, red garland, red berries, frosted fruits, red velvet poinsettias, crabapple garlands.
Holiday Heritage – RAZ 2020
green and red christmas tree with pom pom ornaments and picks, elf ribbon, lime and emerald green
Eat Drink and Be Merry – RAZ 2019
classic christmas tree with big red poinsettias, red berry sprays, gold, red and green, ornaments.
A Classic Christmas – RAZ 2019
red and green pom pom ornaments, poinsettias trimmed in chenilla, red and white swirl lollipops, frosted holly sprays, peppermint garland,
Hot Chocolate Holiday – RAZ 2018
rich red and green christmas tree with lots of red berries, white and red poinsettias, red cardinal ornaments and big red bows
Deck the Halls – RAZ 2018
winter forest tree with red metal lanterns, classic santas, embroidered ribbon with holly, red berry picks, mushroom ornaments and red berry sprays
Winter Forest – RAZ 2017
trimmed with tradition tree, red, green and gold, candle ornaments, gift package ornaments, huge red poinsettias and wide ribbon, red ball garlands.
Trimmed with Tradition – RAZ 2017
homespun holiday tree with red and green ribbons and ornaments, chalkboard style ornament and joy signs. Holly sprays and fuzzy ball garlands.
Homespun Holiday – RAZ 2017
everything merry tree, with santa hats, red and green decorations, polka dots and stripes, noel ornament, present ornament
Everything Merry – RAZ 2017

botanical garden tree with red cardinals, holly berries, holly sprays, red mums, fresh greens
Botanical Garden – RAZ 2016
timeless trimmings christmas tree, red and green decorations and elves
Timeless Trimmings – RAZ 2016
rich red and green ribbon, red poinsettias, red and green plaid ornaments, red berry sprays for a classic red and green style christmas tree
Tally Tartan – RAZ 2015
red cardinal ribbon, cottage ornaments, plaid ribbon, green and red ornaments, red birds on a green tree with red skirt
Sageberry – RAZ 2015
noel signs ribbon, poinsettias, green ribbon on a green tree
Jingle All The Way – RAZ 2015
red ribbon, red ornament, bell picks and sprays, red tree skirt on a green tree
Sleigh Bells – RAZ 2014
nutcrackers, glittery red and green diamond ribbon, red and green poinsettias on a green tree.
Santa’s Holiday – RAZ 2014
christmas tree with santa and mrs clause, red velvet poinsettias, cottage ornaments and big red balls, red velvet tree skirt
Home for Christmas – RAZ 2014
red velvet poinsettias, gold and red ball ornaments, ornate embellished glass ornaments on a green tree with a red tree skirt
December Dreams – RAZ 2014
merry mistletoe tree with santas
Merry Mistletoe – RAZ 2013
merry mistletoe tree
Merry Mistletoe – RAZ 2013
Christmas tree with huge mistletoe sprays, whimsical elves, red glitter curly sprays
Merry Mistletoe – RAZ 2013
sentimental christmas tree with whimsical elves, red and lime green decorations
Sentimental Season – RAZ 2012
lime and emerald green ornaments, ball sprays, big polka dot and striped present ornaments, huge red and green poinsettias
Snowdoodles – RAZ 2012
red green and gold tree with large merry christmas ornaments, finial and huge kismet ornaments
Sentimental Season – RAZ 2012
red and green christmas tree
Festive Forever – RAZ 2011
classic red green christmas tree
Welcome Home Tree – RAZ 2011
wide ribbon on lime green and red tree
No Peeking – RAZ 2011

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