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Christmas Tree Ideas – Themes – Inspiration

Need Christmas tree ideas for the next holiday season? Browse through these pages of stunning, decorated Christmas trees that I’ve been collecting since 2009!

You’ll find beautifully decorated trees by the RAZ designers along with other trees that I have photographed during market buying trips from showrooms like Direct Export, Regency, Allstate, Craig Bachman, and more! You’ll find Christmas tree inspiration as you’ve never seen before!

Some of the trees will even have snippets of video to give you a better look. I have to confess that the images I stored in 2009 and 2010 were of such small resolution I hated to add them to these pages. But I have them!

Prepare Early

Now, I understand, that some people will think that it’s way too early to start thinking about Christmas. But you really never can prepare too early. If you come up with a theme in mind, you can be on the lookout for products and decorations. Sometimes you’ll find products on clearance and can start building your stash for that snowman tree, or whatever your theme might be.


Most of the trees in these images have specific themes. But don’t focus on trying to find the exact product to replicate the look because some of these images are old! Christmas tree themes just never go out of style!

Look at the broad picture. For example, if you like a snowman theme, look for snowballs, garlands, snowflake ornaments, and picks. Flocked picks and sprays or icy ones with dazzling glitter are perfect for a snowman tree, or big black tophats.

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And ribbon, don’t forget to shop for ribbon. You might be considering a country-style tree and some items that you might find in the summertime would be perfect. Red and white gingham ribbon, galvanized pieces. Cookie cutters. One really cute idea I’ve seen on several occasions is to take small galvanized pails or buckets and fill them with holly, red tulips, cedar branches, or candy canes to tuck into the tree.

You can create a similar look to a tree without having a specific ornament or decoration that is shown on the tree. For instance, you might be surprised how cute an inexpensive stuffed snowman from the toy department at Walmart can look on a themed tree. It doesn’t have to be a brand name “snowman decoration.”

Some people like to have the same theme each year and that’s fine too! It’s a monumental task to have a new theme every year and come up with all new decorations. But you can always use some of your old things and add new pieces to achieve a new look. A vintage or retro tree is perfect for those precious handmade decorations that you’ve collected through the years from your children or grandchildren.

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So grab a cup of coffee, a notepad, and start browsing! I’ll be adding new images to these categories as we go along. There will probably be close to 500 images when I’m done!

Just click on the headings below to see the trees!

Cabin Lodge Natural

Rustic, natural decorations like pinecones, berries, furry animals, galvanized metal, plaids, and brushed flannel ribbons.


Christmas trees that are perfect for formal living rooms, retail, or office spaces. Lots of shimmer and shine, sequin-encrusted ornaments, velvet, and brocade ribbons. Subtle color themes and also rich reds and blues.

Whimsical Christmas Tree Ideas

Anything goes on these Christmas trees! Christmas tree ideas include cute, elves, gnomes, and childhood-type ornaments. Lots of red and green. Multicolor lights or crystal clear. Children love these trees))

Classic Red & Green

You can never go wrong with a classic red and green Christmas tree. Shades of green from lime to deep emerald. Red decorations whether they be orbs or red berries. Ribbons are a great way to add color to the classic Christmas tree.

Metallics & Bling

Shiny, shimmery with lots of glitter, glitz, and bling! Metallic ornaments and ribbons. Crystal-clear lights look best on these trees. These trees are favorites of teens and young adults. Even small trees can illuminate a room.

Vintage Retro Christmas Tree Ideas

Old-fashioned style ornaments and multicolored lights adorn these trees. Perfect for those precious ornaments your children have made. Paper chains, popcorn garlands, bubble lights, and vintage toys.


Snowy flocked trees decorated with chubby snowmen, snowflakes, and snowballs. Red cardinals stand out on these trees. Reindeer and penguins are adorable on these trees along with elves decked out in sweaters and stocking caps.

Peppermint & Gingerbread

Another style that children will adore is peppermint and gingerbread. Crisp, red, white, and green peppermints are a refreshing site to behold. Gingerbread ornaments, cookie cutters, kitchen utensils, nutcrackers, and lollipops are all favored items in this style tree. It’s another tree that is great for those hand-made salt dough cookies.


There is just no style of Christmas tree that goes out of style! Light airy colors of pale blue, pink, rose gold, or light lavender. Feathery picks and sprays, opaque balls and glass finials, and clear lights make a beautiful statement.


Perfect for the beach house or cottage on the lake. Trees decked out with nautical theme decorations like starfish, light-colored glass balls, and shell ornaments. Ribbons that have a “sandy” type glitter are perfect for adding loops and tails to your tree.


Class red, white, green, and blue are the colors of the Nutcracker tree. Well, most of the time anyway. Bold plaid ribbons, top hats, balls, and finials with colorful wooden nutcrackers. And gold! There should be touches of gold. Drums also fit well into this scheme.

Fall & Halloween

Don’t be afraid to venture away from basic black and orange! Purples, lime green, and nowadays you will even find red, pink, and yellow in Halloween decorations. Whimsical witches and goblins, black cats, witch leg picks, witch hats, and masks are great items to use for a Halloween tree. Don’t forget the candy corn!

Fall trees are stunning in shades of rust, amber, rich golden yellow, cream, and burgundy. Dried fruits are a favorite to use on fall trees with bundles of cinnamon sticks, persimmons, acorns, and nuts.


New images are continually added to this Christmas tree idea collection as I attend markets and see new trends. So check back frequently, I have many more images to add))