Collection of over-the-top elegant, sophisticated beautiful Christmas trees. Jeweled ornaments, embroidered ribbons, and exquisite decorations.

christmas tree covered with musical themed decorations, large finials, elegant wide embroidered ribbons, gold ornaments and deep red poinsettias
2023 RAZ Classic Carols
classic red and gold christmas tree with red poinsettias, white poinsettias, crystal ornaments
2023 RAZ O Tannenbaum
sage green christmas tree with champagne and cream colored ribbons, flowers, crystal ornaments
2023 RAZ Bon Noel

Read more about the Bon Noel Christmas tree here: Christmas Elegance: Bon Noel Tree by RAZ

Christmas tree decorated in grey and silver
2023 RAZ Winter Frost

See more about the Winter Frost tree here: Silver and Amethyst Christmas Tree

Dallas Market Showroom
Dallas Market Showroom – Regency International
Wall Trees – Carrie’s House
If you love elegance, this over-the-top Evergreen and Gold tree will be perfect for you! Rich colors from subtle to burnished golds, and deep emerald greens. Clear crystal garlands, glittery gold leaf spays, and bejeweled ornaments. Can you imagine how this tree must shine at night! This tree would be great for those ornate ornaments collected through the years.
Evergreen & Gold – RAZ 2022
Dallas Market Showroom
The Cozy Christmas tree is a little different with more “out of the box” thinking. If you’ve ever tried your hand at having a “blue” Christmas tree, you will remember how much trouble it was trying to “match” the blues. Well, you don’t have to! This tree has shades of royal, navy, a bit of faded denim, and even a hint of turquoise. I think the eucalyptus sprays tone down the blue with their gray-green color.

Blue poinsettias might be a bit harder to find than red, white, or gold, but they are out there! I know Trendy Tree is out of them right now, but they will have more in stock later. This is a huge tree! Big frosted pinecones and big ornaments. Lots of ribbon too! Don’t be afraid to mix your plaids and patterns on your tree.

Brown paper packages with matching ribbons carry the theme right down to the floor! The brown paper packaging also complements the twig branches in the tree and the poinsettias with natural-colored edging.
Cozy Christmas – RAZ 2022
Regency International Dallas Market Showroom
oh holy night christmas tree with religious theme, snowflake and star ornaments, cream and natural finials and ball, natural burlap ribbon with musical note, star sprays, snowflakes, nativity ornaments
Oh Holy Night – RAZ 2021
christmas tree with huge red and white poinsettias, church building ornaments, red glass finial and drop ornaments, holly sprays, and bold black and white plaid ribbon
Christmastime in the Village – RAZ 2021
chalet tree with burnished pinecones, white glass pinecone ornaments, finials, kismets in champagne, gold and silver, snowflakes, clear crystal drop ornament and gilded antler ornaments.
Chalet – RAZ 2021
Dallas Market Showroom
christmas tree with rich red velvet ribbons and rose clusters, royal blue or navy ribbon trimmed in gold, ginger jar style ornaments in blue and white, magnolia blooms, red balls and finials
Tis the Season – RAZ 2019
snowy tree with ice blue, white and silver ornament, icy branches and glitter ribbons
Christmas in Paris – RAZ 2019
pin tree with wide red and green velvet ribbon gold finials and balls, some pinks
Tie One On – RAZ 2018
Dallas Market Showroom
green christmas tree, red velvet ribbon, silvery ornaments, red berry balls, glittered silver ferns.
Season’s Best – RAZ 2018
plaid tidings tree with red and green plaid, gold magnolia leaves, classic santas, red and gold finials and kismets, crystal drop ornaments, red frosted berries.
Plaid Tidings – RAZ 2018
fuchsia or pomegranate colored ornaments and ribbon on a green christmas tree, glass balls and finials, touches of gold
Pomegranate & Pine – RAZ 2017
gold glistening christmas tree, decked in gold ornaments and ball picks, creamy flowers, magnolias, gold pinecones, finials and kismets
Golden Botanical – RAZ 2017
starry night christmas tree with gold ornaments and poinsettias, rich red and gold ribbons, elegant tree
Starry Night – RAZ 2016
Potted Christmas tree with big black top hats, red berry sprays and ribbon
Town Square – RAZ 2016
holiday memories tree with beige and blush ornaments, gold sprays, glass garlands, frosted ornaments
Holiday Memories – RAZ 2016
Muted shades of champagne and beige, silver and light trey ornaments for an elegant christmas tree theme
Winter Song – RAZ 2015
champagne, grey ornaments, gold balls, silver drop ornaments, gilded poinsettias on a christmas tree with silver skirt
Gilded Grey – RAZ 2015
red and gold christmas decorations, elaborate embellished ornaments, red beaded garlands and gold angels
Garnet – RAZ 2015
Christmas tree with snowflake, blue ornaments, and ice skates
Enchanted Holiday Whimsy – RAZ 2015
gold, silver, champagne and white christmas tree.
Enchanted Holiday – RAZ 2015
christmas tree with white poinsettias, icy branches and clear ornaments
Artic Palace – RAZ 2014
elegant christmas tree with white poinsettias, red berries and pinecones
Ice Garden – RAZ 2013
champagne ornaments, sparkly poinsettias and angles in beige and lime
Ice Garden – RAZ 2013
red and gold christmas tree
Holiday Reflections – RAZ 2013
elegant christmas tree with lime green decorations, icy branches and balls, large green poinsettias and touches of red glitter
Ice Garden – RAZ 2013
christmas tree with champagne colored decorations of poinsettias, ball, finials, garlands and glittered leaf picks
Winter’s Lace – RAZ 2012
lime green sprays and hydrangea blooms, white lights, green berries on a christmas tree
Porcelain Garden – RAZ 2012
Elegant Christmas tree with huge gold and burgundy poinsettias, gold ribbons, large ornaments and lots of gold glittery sprays
Renaissance Revelry – RAZ 2012
frosty christmas tree with iced poinsettias and huge glittery snowflakes
Porcelain Garden – RAZ 2012
elegant christmas tree
Evergreen – RAZ 2011

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