Silver and Amethyst Christmas Tree

Christmas tree decorated in grey and silver

Winter Frost by RAZ

Don’t say a word….it’s not too early to start planning for Christmas))) I’ll admit it though, before I went into the e-commerce business, it did sort of irk me when I started seeing Christmas decorations in July. So I do understand)) But anyway, Winter Frost is a 2023 collection by RAZ Imports. It’s a silver Christmas tree with amethyst accents.

RAZ has always been an important vendor at Trendy Tree, and every time I go to the Dallas or Atlanta market with Carrie, I always try to get images and videos of decorations for ideas and inspiration.

Last January, I gathered lots of ideas and inspiration to share with you))) Winter Frost will be the first of many decorated trees to inspire you in making your home beautiful this winter season.

How To

Don’t be discouraged and think you can’t decorate a silver Christmas tree like this. You can! Now all the decorated trees from the RAZ showrooms are over the top for sure, but you can achieve a similar look.

The first thing to consider if trying to duplicate this tree is the amethyst color. This may not be as easy a tree to duplicate without some of the exact same ornaments from RAZ. But it’s not impossible!

We did see the color in more than one showroom at the Dallas market for sure. But in reality, sometimes focusing on a color like this for Christmas may not be so easy. While it is beautiful, if you spend a lot of money on a specific color decoration, unless cost is not a concern, you may have to live with it for a few years! Most of us don’t want to do that. What is amethyst anyway??

creativity and inspiration


Amethyst is a type of purple quartz gemstone, known for its beautiful and distinct violet hue. It is a popular gemstone used in jewelry and decorative items due to its captivating color.

During Christmas, the color amethyst, or shades of purple resembling it, is often incorporated into decorations to add a touch of elegance and richness to the holiday ambiance.


Silver Christmas Tree

  • A smaller tree = less decoration, especially a wall tree even a seven-foot one.
  • Instead of searching “amethyst” decorations, look for lavender, lilac, or purple.
  • Incorporate color using ribbon or mesh versus more expensive ornaments.
  • Mix finishes, use shiny, matte, and clear.
  • Use inexpensive silver balls in matte and shiny, place larger balls deep into the tree and smaller ones to the outside.
  • Invest more in the silver and grey decorations. You will find them useful in years to come.

What I Like About the Silver Tree

It’s a beautiful tree no doubt. All the RAZ trees are)) In the stock image of the tree, the amethyst color is not nearly as noticeable as in the video, to me. The image almost looks like it has some gold decoration on it, but I think that may be the warm lights. The tree in the showroom must have had cool lights.

I love the mix of silver, amethyst, pearl, and white. And the clear amethyst balls look like bubbles resting on the flocked limbs! Large silver Poinsettias fill in big spaces too. And I like the packaging underneath the tree….presents all wrapped in silver paper.

silver glitter star spray
F4206895 RAZ Silver Foil Star Pick

This silver star pick from the Winter Frost collection is in stock at Trendy Tree right now. It’s also available in gold. Adding tall picks like this to the top of your tree can give it a couple of extra feet in height if you need it.

Another way to add extra height to a smaller tree is to place it on something sturdy to get it up off the floor. Then fill in underneath with all your packages.

There are a couple more ornaments from this collection that will be available at Trendy Tree, but they haven’t arrived yet. In the meantime, shop generic!

The star spray can be used on the tree, not necessarily just on the top. Here’s an example.

silver star spray used to decorated a christmas tree, rich embroidered silver ribbon with jewels, silver poinsettias

Is that ribbon not just gorgeous! Here are some links for you to make browsing on Trendy Tree a little easier when searching for silver items.

Silver Products

Star Products

Silver Ribbon

Pearl Products

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RAZ also showed a wreath that blended well with this silver Christmas tree. It doesn’t have any amethyst on it, but that would be easy to add. The image is just for your inspiration in case you like making your own wreaths)).

winter frost theme from raz, wreath with frosted greenery, silver balls in matte and shiny, white berries

And check out this ball garland RAZ created….I wonder how many balls they used!

ornate garland with silver and amethyst color balls

Until Later!

As I said earlier, I have TONS of newly decorated Christmas trees to share with you. So stay tuned))) In the meantime, you might want to browse through some already on my website.

rustic elegance

All is Calm Christmas Tree

Get cozy with this All is Calm tree, a rustic-chic Christmas tree. I love sharing Christmas inspiration and ideas from RAZ Imports….

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