Battery Booster: Handy Device!

using a battery booster to charge phone

My battery booster finally became handy this week))) Several months ago I got ready to leave the house one day and my car battery was dead. No warning, no anything. Long story short, we bought a battery booster to keep in the car just in case of a dead battery in the future.

dead car battery

Noco Battery Boost

You jump in the car to run a few errands in your spare time……and nothing. The car won’t start…..without any warning! Hopefully, if this ever happens again I’ll be prepared with my new NOCO Battery Boost….

Stormy Weather

This past week we experienced a severe thunderstorm, possibly a tornado, and our power was off for about sixteen hours. We were very blessed that we had no damage to our house, but many of our neighbors including Carrie, had downed trees and power lines, roofs damaged and one house sustained severe damage. Thankfully no one was hurt.

The power was off from about 3:00 am until 6:30 pm. I’m not complaining, again, we were very blessed to just be out of power and so grateful for the hard-working crew at the power company who got our power back up as soon as they did.

You don’t think about the batteries in your flashlights when everything is okay! I found two flashlights in the darkness and both were very weak. We had our phones of course, but just as you might know ….mine was only about 30% charged. I have one of those charging pads on the nightstand beside the bed; if you don’t place your phone in the right place, it doesn’t charge. So my day started with a low battery.

NOCO Battery Boost

About mid-morning I remembered that the battery boost in the back of my SUV had a USB port. We were able to charge our phones and iPads. I know that’s no big deal, but I didn’t have one of those portable phone chargers I intended to buy!

Charging our devices did drain the battery boost, but now that the power is back on, it’s charged up again and back in the car.


We keep extra batteries of all sizes in our “battery box.” Now all the flashlights have new batteries, plus we have a battery-powered lantern that will illuminate a room. I’m done with lanterns or lights that are rechargeable. I’ve had two, and neither lasted even a year. One light would only work after a while if it was plugged in, which made it worthless.

Have you had a good experience with rechargeable lights? Please let me know if you have found one that works great and holds up a while.

St. Patrick’s Day

Are you ready for St. Patrick’s Day? Me either really))) But I have a couple of “green” loaded teas to share with you tomorrow! So be sure to circle back as they say)))

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