Sippin’ with the Leprechauns: 3 Green Loaded Teas

three flavors of loaded teas for St. Patrick's Day that are shades of green

🌈 Leprechaun-approved concoctions that’ll have you dancing a jig in your kitchen. These green-loaded tea recipes from Silver Lining Lessons (SLL) are as quirky as they are delicious. Whether you’re entertaining or simply need a quick pick-me-up after chasing rainbows, these green teas are the pot o’ gold at the end of your beverage rainbow! So grab your favorite mug and let’s dive headfirst into loaded tea recipes that’ll leave you feeling luckier than a four-leaf clover. ☘️

Pinch Proof

pinch proof loaded tea green color

Pinch Proof loaded tea is a beautiful green that starts with a citrus base and includes pineapple passion fruit, green apple, and lemonade flavors. Visit SLL for the Pinch Proof recipe.

Indian Ocean

indian ocean loaded green in green and blue colors, good for st. patrick's day

Indian Ocean is another green loaded tea with some blue for the first layer. It starts with a berry base and has ocean water, pina colada, and kiwi lime drink flavors. I made this one for Maggie (granddaughter) today and she loved it))) Visit SLL for the Indian Ocean recipe.

Shamrock Colada

shamrock colada loaded tea green color

Shamrock Colada is another green tea that starts with a citrus base and has blue raspberry, pineapple, and pina colada flavor packets. Have you noticed I tend to make a lot of loaded teas with pina colada)))

Matt had this green loaded tea yesterday and really liked it too. Honestly, I haven’t made any so far that everyone didn’t like! Visit SLL for the Shamrock Colada recipe.

Silver Lining Lessons

These aren’t the only green loaded teas from SLL, and they have many more that were developed for St. Patrick’s Day. Just to name a few: Leprechaun Jig; 4 Leaf Clover; Lucky Leprechaun; Irish Wake; Shamrock; just to name a few! And I haven’t even tried those yet!

If you are into loaded teas and want to save money, you have to check out the SLL website. You have probably seen Jana on TikTok making loaded teas, flavored waters, and shakes. They are easy to make and. most of the ingredients are easy to find. I have had to order a few off Amazon, but not many.

You don’t need a lot of stuff to get started making loaded teas, and SLL has an excellent beginner guide. But if you order anything from Amazon, you might as well get some 32 oz disposable cups…..because your family will be carrying out teas from your home like it’s a drive-thru!

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