Three Loaded Teas

lula rich, bahama mama, kand sour grapes loaded tea recipes from Silver Lining Lessons

Loaded Tea for Wreath Making

Yesterday Carrie and Taalor came by the house to do a Facebook live making a watermelon wreath. Before we started on the wreath tutorials, they wanted a loaded tea of course))) Here are the recipes they picked out and tried. They liked them all))) Matt had the Sour Grapes too.

Sour Grapes

Matt came by the house first, so we’ll start with his choice of loaded tea from Silver Lining Lessons – Sour Grapes.

sour grapes loaded tea from silver lining lessons recipes

He really liked this loaded tea but the first thing out of his mouth was “LSU.” It is perfect LSU colors so another name for this tea could be Tiger Tail))))

The name Sour Grapes didn’t turn out to be sour actually, but was still good. It was made with grape, and Tang flavors. The Silver Lining Lessons recipe called for Waka Raspberry Green Tea powder and I only had green tea powder so this could have made a difference. Next time I think I’ll use the Nerds grape flavor instead of the Sunkist. Visit SLL for the Sour Grapes recipe.

Bahama Mama

bahama mama. loaded tea from silver lining lessons recipes

Carrie chose Bahama Mama for her loaded tea. This mix includes orange flavor as the base, along with pineapple, more orange, and cherry limeade. Tasty! But it would have been better had we been sipping poolside))) Visit SLL for the Bahama Mama recipe. Visit SLL for the Bahama Mama recipe.

Lula Rich

lula rich loaded tea from silver lining lessons recipes

Taalor chose Lula Rich for her loaded tea and we couldn’t figure out where SLL got the name Lula Rich. At first, we thought it came from LuluLemon, but it’s LulaRoe, a totally different company. It’s a success story about a multi-level marketing company that sells women’s clothing.

Back to the loaded tea….Lula Rich starts with a citrus base, has strawberry starfruit and pineapple passion fruit. It’s three colors! They eventually all run together as they all do, but it’s sure pretty to start with))) Visit SLL for the Lula Rich recipe.

Silver Lining Lessons

I always want to credit Jana at Silver Lining Lessons for her recipes. She has come up with all these delicious loaded teas and flavored waters I’ve been trying. It really is a lot of fun, putting the flavors together, and next to impossible to pick a favorite!

If you’re interested in making your own loaded tea and saving money too, check out the SLL website. I’m adding new recipes to my collection every few days. I still don’t think I’ve seen all the available recipes on SLL there are so many!

More to Come!

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