How to Add Flowers to a Twig Bunny Wall Basket

twig bunny wall basket

Here’s another Easter creation that Carrie and Ashleigh put together at the shop, a twig bunny wall basket filled with spring flowers and a pretty bow. This bunny wall basket door hanger is similar to the previous twig bunny wall hanging and was quick and easy to do. Ashleigh added the flowers while Carrie made the bow!

They did this creation as a Facebook live and you can watch the replay below on the Trendy Tree YouTube channel.


1865NAT Bunny Wall Basket

63429BT 21″ Hot Pink Poppy Spray

Mixed Leaf Bush (sold out) but there are others to choose from

35094PU Purple Star Flower Berry Bush

29422Bt Pink Gerber Spray

63427SP16 Wild Flower Pick

Bird Nest – Optional (They had no Styrofoam so they broke apart a nest and used it.)

RGA16828K 2.5″ Blooms Ribbon

42409-09-11 1.5″ Purple Iridescent Ribbon

1.5″ Ribbon (Carrie used a scrap, but there are many 1.5″ ribbons to choose from.)

Being Resourceful

Sometimes you have to make do with what you have on hand don’t you. They didn’t have any Styrofoam to put down in the twig bunny wall basket, so they just filled it up with a mossy twig bird nest. They just removed the eggs and broke it apart. With a little hot glue, the stems held perfectly.

More Bunny Wreaths!

They also made a chocolate bunny wreath the other day but the bunnies sold out before I could get a chance to write about it on my blog. But I did get the tutorial done on Trendy Tree and you can watch the replay below.

Stay Tuned!

I’m not sure if Carrie has any more Easter projects planned similar to the bunny wall basket, but we did do a spring/summer lime wreath the other day. I’ll be posting it soon)))

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