Sunshine and Citrus: Deco Mesh Wreaths to Brighten Your Home

two deco mesh ruffle wreath tutorials, one with a lemon sign and one with a lime sign

Deco Mesh Wreaths

Deco mesh wreaths are one of the easiest types of wreaths to make even for a beginner. Here are two styles that Carrie and I did using lemons and limes as the accent pieces. All the supplies for these wreaths are available in kits right now at Trendy Tree, but they won’t last long! You can purchase most as individual products too if you want to change a thing here and there.

The lime deco mesh wreath tutorial was done at Trendy Tree and the lemon wreath was here at the house. When they want to come to the house to film…..I know they want a loaded tea…lol

Here are some examples of loaded teas I’ve made and loved!

Homemade Loaded Tea Recipes from Silver Lining Lessons

Lime Deco Mesh Wreath

deco mesh ruffle wreath with lime sign

Bright and lively, this deco mesh wreath pops with yellow, fuchsia, green, and white plaid ruffles. It has ribbon clusters of hot pink and white striped ribbons, yellow and white polka dots, citrus slices, and plaid ribbon. The accent sign is an embossed metal lime. This wreath will bring a cheerful touch to any space.


Trendy Tree Lime Mesh Wreath Kit

MD071436 12″H X 9.5″ Embossed Watercolor Lime Lime Green 

RE130229 10″ Yellow Deco Poly Mesh 

XB240410-09 10″X10Y Lime-Fuchsia-Yellow Wide Weave Mesh

42424-40-09 2.5″X10Y Yellow-Lime-White Kentini Plaid Ribbon 

RX9143X7 2.5″ Yellow White Large Multi Dot Ribbon 

41334-09-09 1.5″X10Y White Satin/Lemons-Limes Ribbon 

RX9148TN 1.5″ Fuchsia White Horizontal Stripe Ribbon 

XX750437 24″ Lime Green Pencil Wreath 

Watch the Replay

Lemon Deco Mesh Wreath

deco mesh ruffle wreath with lemon sign

Picking a favorite is tough! I really like how the yellow and lime mesh ruffles form a nice base for the black and white stripe, yellow polka dot, and lemon ribbons. Adding the extra black and white polka dot ribbon makes the welcome lemon sign stand out even more. This wreath is currently on my front door))) And what’s cool is, I can easily switch up what’s on my front door whenever I want!


Lemon Welcome Wreath Kit 

XX750437 – Lime Pencil Wreath

MD072129 – Lemon Welcome Sign

RY8319B3 – 2 rolls of Lime/Yellow Stripe Mesh

42419-09-21 – 1.5″ Black and White Microdot Ribbon

RGA1853RY – 2.5″ Lemon Ribbon

RGA193529 – 2.5″ Yellow and White Polka Dot Ribbon

RX9148x6 – 1.5″ Black and White Stripe Ribbon

Watch the Replay

More Later….

Sometimes the audio gets a little out of sync….but if you watch the video you can get the gist of how to make deco mesh wreaths. It’s really a good place to start if you’re a beginner. Ruffles are all cut the same length and that helps to make the wreath come out nice and even. If you can’t make a bow…don’t worry! These wreaths are just as pretty without a bow)))

Give it a try! You might surprise yourself. And if you’re in doubt about your crafting skills…..take a look at this… FIRST deco mesh wreath)) See what I mean! This was about seventeen years ago.

my first deco mesh wreath
My First Deco Mesh Wreath

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