7Up Spritzer Loaded Tea – Refreshing!

homemade loaded tea flavor 7up Spritzer

7Up Spritzer is a loaded tea with a citrus and orange base, lemon lime and tropical flavors. The recipe is one of the Silver Lining Lessons loaded teas. I’m still sort of new to the loaded tea trend, but I love experimenting with new flavors every day! And I get plenty of opportunities to experiment))) Carrie and some of the grandkids drop in almost every day to try a new flavor))

Get the original recipe with instructions from Silver Lining Lessons: 7Up Spritzer Loaded Tea

Silver Lining Lessons

SLL has made it easy for us to make homemade teas. So be sure to visit their website and pick out a loaded tea, shake, or flavored water that you would like to experience. There are SO MANY recipes to choose from. And tons of helpful hints for substitutions, where to buy flavors and so much more.

Flavored Waters

Once I’ve had one loaded tea, for the rest of the day I usually just have a flavored water. You can take any of the loaded tea recipes and leave out the extra tea powder or guarana powder which is the source of extra caffeine. You do get some caffeine from the 4C Energy Rush drink mixes of course, but most of the time you are only using 1 tsp from the packet.

More of Our Favorite Flavors

Until Later…

I’ve been experimenting with just mixing up flavors to make flavored waters. I’ll share some I like, but I must remember to start writing them down!

Oh, and there is something new on the Silver Lining Lessons app….well it was new to me))) There is a flavor wheel so if you are having trouble deciding what you want to try…..just give it a spin and see what it lands on!

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