Loaded Tea: Lime in the Coconut

"lime in the coconut" loaded tea recipe

Lime in the Coconut may be my new favorite flavor of loaded tea.))) Now I know you’ve heard me say before that I have found my favorite flavor….but new ones keep popping up!

All the recipes for the loaded teas I have been trying come from Silver Lining Lessons. If you are interested in making loaded teas at home, you have to check out their site))) The number of recipes is unbelievable and there is so much information explaining things. The website is loaded with ads and popups so don’t get frustrated. They offer their recipes for free! So I don’t blame them for earning revenue from advertising. Just be patient and you’ll get to the goodies.

Get the original recipe from Silver Lining Lessons here: Lime in the Coconut Loaded Tea

Building My Supply

I’ve been making loaded teas for a few weeks now and have slowly been building my supply of flavors. Lime in the Coconut calls for Margaritaville Pina Colada which had been hard for me to find. But once I found it and tried the recipe for Lime in the Coconut…..WOW! My current favorite)))

Every time I mention to Carrie that I’m looking for a certain flavor, she always asks “Did you look on Amazon?” No….I’m not looking on Amazon until it’s a last resort))) There’s no fun in that! I love stopping by different grocery stores, Dollar General, CVS, Walgreens, etc to see what flavors they might have. Now I know where the honey hole is for Pina Colada…..I can have as many Lime in the Coconut teas as I want)))

Oh, by the way, I found the Margaritaville Pina Colada at the local Piggy Wiggly))) The recipe has a citrus base with tropical kiwi lime and pina colada flavors. It calls for Waka lemon green tea, but I just have plain Waka Green Tea and I’ve been using it in all the recipes. You use such a small amount of green tea, it can’t make much difference whether you use lemon green tea or plain green tea. I could be wrong….but for now, I’m just using plain green tea.

When I have to place another order on Amazon for the Waka Green Tea, I might get another flavor just to see.

The Lime in the Coconut loaded tea may not be as pretty as some of the other teas but looks is only part of it)) The pina colada flavor packets yield a cloudy white liquid so it doesn’t show up in the images as well as some of the other brightly colored flavors.

Handy Things

I LOVE these measuring spoons! I don’t have them yet, but I will on my next Amazon order))) They are magnetic and color-coded. You can get them all the same color, or assorted. I think the assorted colors would be great for aging eyes))) It’s easier to choose by color than to try to read the tiny labels. I have a set of measuring spoons that I took off the ring, that was a good move. You need them to stir up the powders. I use a small whisk too.

The plastic tumblers are great because they have screw-on lids. This has saved me from a spill several times. The straws come with the cups and are very sturdy. I love the fact that they are insulated and clear. I think it’s more appealing to have clear cups for any of the loaded teas)))

The disposable cups are sturdy enough and come with lids and straws. I bought two 50-pack sets to save on shipping and I’ve almost used up one set!

And you will need a 2-cup measuring cup. You can find one at any Walmart or dollar store. Mine is plastic. But you do need a 2-cup one because even though you are using only 6 oz and 8 oz measurements of water, some of the powders are carbonated and fizz up! Plus you do a lot of stirring when you add powdered mix to cold water, so having the 2-cup measuring cup helps))


Someone asked me if I add alcohol to the loaded teas. I do not. I have been tempted, but girl….this is a 32 oz cup. As well as I like the taste of these teas….I would be falling out of my chair by 9:00! And that would be 9:00 AM! So no, no alcohol added. In fact, after I have had one tea with caffeine, I usually just make the next cup as flavored water. They taste just as good and are quicker to make.

You can make any of the loaded tea recipes by Silver Lining Lessons as just flavored water if you like. They even have instructions on making loaded tea by the gallon which would be great for entertaining or just storing in the frig for yourself. It probably wouldn’t take me long to drink a gallon…lol.

Loaded Tea Recipes

Keeping up the the Silver Lining Lessons tea recipes is not easy! I have downloaded the app to my phone, but still I like to print the recipes and keep them in a small photo album. You can find them at Dollar Tree and some have 24 pages, so you can store 48 recipes. I’m on book #2 already! I created a template in Canva and put four recipes to a page, then print, and cut.

This past Sunday afternoon I thought I would go through all the loaded tea recipes on SLL and finally get all the ones that I had ingredients for. I printed about 24 and STILL did not get to the last of the recipes! Told you there were a bunch of recipes there))))

Until later….

Enjoy your homemade loaded teas….I’m sipping on Lime in the Coconut right now))))

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