How to Make a Deco Mesh Watermelon Wreath

deco mesh watermelon ruffle wreath tutorial

Deco Mesh Watermelon Wreath

Carrie and Taalor came by and we made another wreath! This one was a watermelon Deco mesh ruffle wreath with a big bow. We thought the mesh was pretty enough without ribbon strips, so we left them off. There was ribbon left over though, so if you wanted ribbon strips you could add them.

We did a Facebook live making this wreath and if you missed it you can watch it below.



Checked Watermelon Mesh Wreath Kit (while supplies last)

Individual Products

XX751106 Metallic Green Pencil Wreath 

MD0710 Checked Watermelon Sign 

RY8325K3 2 rolls of Lime Green and Red Border Mesh 

RX9148X6 Black and White Striped Ribbon 

42449-40-43 Watermelon Ribbon 

RGE120311 Hot Pink Ribbon 

RGE778906 Emerald Glitter 7/8″ Ribbon 

handy tools

Cutting Mat

Rotary Cutter


Bow Makers

Tools Bundle (mat, scissors, rotary cutter, wire cutter)

Take Home Points

  • Deco Mesh: Cut pieces of mesh 20″ in length. You should have enough to cut 36 from the two rolls of mesh. If you come up a little short on the last pieces, it won’t show.
  • Ruffles: Roll the cut ends of the mesh in a bit, and scrunch up through the middle making a ruffle. Place two ruffles in each twist. It doesn’t matter if you start on the outer or inner ring. If you pull a twist off (like I did) just wrap it around the wire frame and the remaining twist and continue on. It will be a little shorter, but won’t show.
  • Ribbon Strips: Add some, or leave them off. We elected to leave them off the watermelon Deco mesh wreath this time. But there was plenty of ribbon left if you would like to add them. Typically we cut them 13″ in length and dovetail the 2.5″ ribbon and cut the 1.5″ ribbon at an angle.
  • Sign: Attach chenille stems to the back of the sign. Sometimes you have to punch holes in the sign for your chenille stems. Or you can add cable mounts with glue and use them. I need to get some!
  • Bow: Make a bow your favorite way. Carrie used the EZ Bowmaker. The bow was about 14″ in width and the tails about 16″ in length.
  • Cleanup: Make a hanger for the wreath using chenille stems, floral wire, or zip ties. Check the back to make sure nothing sharp is sticking out that would scratch your door. Snip any frays. Avoid pulling them. All mesh ravels, but rolling the edges helps reduce fraying in a ruffle wreath.
  • Have Fun!

Crafting at My House

Making wreaths and going live on Facebook at my house, has started to mean making loaded teas before we get started))) Loaded teas have been my obsession for the last few weeks! Here’s what we conjured up the day we created the watermelon Deco mesh wreath.

lula rich, bahama mama, kand sour grapes loaded tea recipes from Silver Lining Lessons

The teas are so pretty! And they tasted good too))) Just click the image for the post with recipes.

More to Come!

Just yesterday we made a Patriotic wreath, and today Carrie and Ashleigh created a grapevine wreath with butterflies and florals….I’m having a hard time keeping up with them! By the time I get one blog post done….they’ve made something else))) I think they have a Patriotic garland to do too….so maybe I’ll get caught up over the weekend)))

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