White River Fish House Branson MO

fish house at branson mo
White River Fish House


This is a repost from a couple of years ago, but we ate again at the White River Fish House a few weeks ago. We had a similar experience as the first, so I’m sharing it again))

White River Fish House

If you travel to Branson, MO, and have a man with you, you will visit the Bass Pro Shop. Be sure to go there at mealtime so you can eat at the White River Fish House! The restaurant is a part of the Bass Pro Shop complex. Even a visit to the Bass Pro Shop is fun, but eating at the Fish House is the icing on the cake!


The floating restaurant is on Lake Taneycomo at Branson Landing, on Bass Pro Drive. You can’t miss it! Floor-to-ceiling windows provide a panoramic view of the waters.

The White River originates in the Boston Mountains of northwest Arkansas and flows northward through southeast Missouri, then returns southeast through Arkansas to the mouth of the Mississippi River. Enough geography!


The White River Fish House Branson, MO, is a perfect family dining experience. It has a fishing lodge theme with boating and fishing-related decor. There is a bar, but it’s located a bit from the dining tables.

We were there for an early evening meal and not too crowded. The tables were placed where you could see the river and watch fishing going. There was outdoor seating also.

water front dining, floating restaurant at white river fish house on Lake Taneycomo
Riverfront Dining

The day we visited it was a bit chilly and there was a fire in a huge fireplace in a sitting area with comfy upholstered chairs. The area would make you want to grab a book and read for a while!

seating area at white water fish house branson, mo

The restaurant decor was interesting and chocked full of boating and fishing artifacts. There was even a full-sized original Bass Tracker housed at the top of the ceiling!

original bass tracker boat
Original Bass Tracker Boat

Kids will love eating at the White River Fish House too. They can explore the surroundings and see wildlife, vintage fishing gear, and taxidermy displays. There are even trees used in the rustic interior structure!

rustic interior with trees and boats
Rustic Interior
vintage fishing gear and fireplace t white river fish house branson mo
Vintage Fishing Gear

My husband enjoyed looking at the vintage fishing gear. He has always been an avid bass fisherman and in the early 70s when Bass Pro started sending out their catalogs….well, that was a big event! He and his fishing buddies treasured those thick catalogs. I remember conversations like “Did you get your catalog yet, mine came today!” The catalogs were the “bible” of fishing. And, I don’t think he ever threw one away. I tried to a few times but got shot down very quickly. So, I didn’t bother after that. Ladies you know we have to pick our battles.


The food was delicious and the White River Fish House menu was extensive. It had everything from brown sugar-glazed salmon to burgers and ribs.

I didn’t get great images of our plates because, by the time I remembered to take photos, it was too late! Here’s a pic of the brown sugar glazed salmon and fried catfish.

brown sugar glazed salmon
Brown Sugar Glazed Salmon
fried catfish at white river fish house branson mo
Fried Catfish

All of our entrees were delicious)) The service was excellent and even though they had a “help wanted” sign, they met our expectations completely.

And the dessert….oh my. It was a simple peach cobbler topped with ice cream served in a cast-iron skillet. Scrumptious!

peach cobbler a la mode at white river fish house branson
Peach Cobbler a la mode

The peach cobbler served all four of us, and we didn’t even have to fight over it!

Don’t miss the cornbread appetizer! I don’t know how we missed it, but when I visited the White River Fish House website later, there it was! Wow….we’re cornbread lovers from the South of course, but theirs looked delicious! They even share their recipe on the website. Next time, we won’t miss this!

cornbread recipe at white river fish house branson mo
White River Fish House Cornbread


Overall, we didn’t have one complaint about anything. The food at White River Fish House at Branson was great, the surroundings were comfy and peaceful and the service was excellent. Don’t hesitate to make it a “must-do” on your trip to Branson. You won’t be sorry.

This post is written simply for my blog, we did not receive any discounts, or free meals. It’s just my opinion)),

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