Cakes-N-Creams 50s Diner

cakes-n-creams 50s diner in branson, mo
Cakes-N-Creams Classic 50s Diner & Drive-In

Going to Branson, MO?

You don’t want to miss the Cakes-N-Creams 50s diner! It was one of the best places to get food in Branson, MO. The food was great, the atmosphere was friendly and the decor was nostalgic!

There was a floor-standing jukebox and tabletop ones that we all put way too many quarters in during the dating years! The Three Stooges was playing on the tv while we were there and there was a game room in the back with all sorts of arcade games. There was even one of those old photo booths where you could get your picture made!

Here’s a little video clip of our visits…..we went more than once!

Cakes-N-Creams 50s Diner


Everything from burgers, sandwiches, and pizza to sweet treats and hand-dipped ice cream. Forget calorie counting….you’re on vacation if you’re eating at the Cakes-N-Creams 50s Diner!

menu from cakes-n-creams diner in branson mo
Cakes-N-Creams 50s Diner
cakes and creams diner in branson, mo
menu from cakes-n-creams-diner branson, mo
Cakes-N-Creams 50s Diner
dressed cheeseburger and fries
Dressed Cheeseburger & Fries
two scoops of ice cream in a waffle cone
Coconut Peanut Butter & Chocolate Ice Cream

Ice cream of all flavors. I had Rocky Road but my husband had a concoction of coconut, peanut butter, and chocolate! Beware that two scoops is a LOT of ice cream at this place. But it was so yummy!

Signature Sweet

The Cakes-N-Creams 50s Diner is locally owned and has been in business for 40 years. Their signature sweet is the funnel cake with ice cream. We didn’t get a chance to try it this time, but it’s on the list for next time!

funnel cake with ice cream
Funnel Cake with Ice Cream (Image from Cakes-N-Creams Facebook Page)


Cakes-N-Creams is easy to find, it’s right on the main strip through Branson. But just in case you have trouble finding it…..look for the big pink octopus! It’s right across the street from the Branson Aquarium. Another stop on our next visit.

branson aquarium, octopus
Branson Aquarium (Image from Cakes-N-Creams Facebook page)

And by the way, if you go after dark there is a drive-in theater in the back! You can park your car or sit outside and carhops will serve you!

Don’t you just miss drive-ins! Even in the hot summertime with mosquitos, scratchy speakers, and fogged-up windows!

The drive-in is a great way to watch old classic films and cartoons. Take the family! Enjoy great food and reminisce. Well, don’t tell the kids about all your old drive-in experiences, keep some of those for yourself!

More to Come

There are more restaurants in Branson to talk about! Be sure to subscribe and follow for more good eating in Branson, MO. We still have McFarland’s, Billy Gail’s, White River Fish House, Shoneys, and Paula Deen’s to talk about!

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cakes-n-creams 50s diner in branson, mo
Cakes-N-Creams 50s Diner
tabletop juke box
Tabletop Juke Box
beatles record I want to hold your hand
The Beatles I Want to Hold Your Hand
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    1. Thank you John)) We certainly enjoyed our visit there and Cakes-N-Creams will definitely be on our list for the next trip. Plus, we hope to catch the drive-in next time)))

      1. We have been to Cakes n Cream about twice a year for ten years or more. Always a great treat! Glad to know about the drive in theater around the back, we missed it last two times👍

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