The Beautiful Butterfly

butterfly on a pink flower
The Beautiful Butterfly

Is there anything more amazing than a beautiful butterfly? I think not. They are majestic with their brilliant colors and bold bodies. Some have striped or even polka dot bodies! They can have a wingspan of 0.5 inches to 10 inches!

Can you imagine seeing a 10″ butterfly? It’s no wonder that we like to include butterfly products in our home decor. Butterfly artwork, pillows, tablecloths, drapes, figurines, floral arrangements, and wreaths just to name a few. I’ll show you some butterfly products from Trendy Tree toward the end of this post.

Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

We visited the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Las Vegas once and the flowers were just unbelievable. There were hundreds of butterflies fluttering around, but I didn’t get any good pics, I was more focused on the flowers at the time. The gardens were just filled with beautiful flowers and whimsical artwork. Here are a few images from that visit.

old plow with tractor seat in a flower bed of poppies perfect for butterflies
Plow with Tractor Seat in Flower Bed of Poppies
lavender and purple tulips
Purple Tulips
dark pink tulips in a flower bed, cream daisies
Tulips & Daisies
white hyacinths and red and black lady bugs in a  flower garden
Hyacinths & Ladybugs
old field plow among colorful poppies
Old Field Plow among Poppies
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yellow daffodils and purple tulips
Daffodils and Purple Tulips
large metal butterfly artwork among pink blue and yellow flowers
Flowers & Butterfly Artwork

Trendy Tree Products

If you ever get a chance, do visit the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Las Vegas. You won’t be disappointed! The gardens change with the seasons and they are always adding new themes. Now, back to the butterfly products I promised. Here’s a little peek into the twigs and picks along with some ribbons from Trendy Tree. And an image of how one of the butterfly picks was used in an arrangement made for me by a friend (Carolyn Gregory, All About Blooms).

yellow butterfly pick in floral arrangement
Floral Arrangement
Products from Trendy Tree

F4206698 RAZ Spray

62474YW Yellow Butterfly Twig

63111BL Blue Butterfly Pick

RGE111003 Turquoise Ribbon

62474RD. Red Butterfly Twig

RGC198509 Daisy Ribbon

MD079845 Metal Sign

B83084C Orange Blu Twig

1020-40-15 Linen Ribbon

SB6149-BLG Blue Green Grass

45104-40-28 Fuchsia Ribbon

63111BT Hot Pink Pick

SR303-GB Green Pink Blue

41264-40-04 Blue Daisy Ribbon

62481YW Yellow Mixed Leaf Bush

B83084A Pink Blue

1264-40-03 Pink Daisy Ribbon

62474BL Blue Butterfly Twig

Please note that this is just a partial list. Many of the above products are available in other colors too!

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