Grocery Store Roses

Don’t you just love flowers on your table! Me too! Grocery store roses like these make creating florals quick and easy.

coral roses
Coral Roses


Carrie picked up this wood, iron, and glass container for me on one of her buying trips to Craig Bachman Import. It’s perfect for a year-round display on my dining table. I just change out the flowers! Sometimes fresh, sometimes, silk.

grocery store roses
Grocery Store Roses

This container is perfect for my dining table. Even with flowers in the bottles, it’s still thin enough to see through and doesn’t obstruct conversations across the table.

The grocery store roses….came from Kroger and were on sale for $6 a dozen. Not bad! There were lots of colors to choose from too.

grocery store roses
Kroger Roses

Kroger isn’t the only place you can get fresh flowers of course. Check them out at Walmart and Sams. Flowers are something I splurge on from time to time….just for myself. They give me a happy feeling every time I look at them.

No Green Thumb

Cutting flowers from your own yard is a wonderful thing to be able to do. Alas, I have no green thumb. So I depend on grocery store roses a lot.

But my hydrangeas have been looking pretty good lately, and Carrie has some beautiful ones in her yard. That makes it easy for me to snip a few here and there.

Plus….Trendy Tree has a side business of fresh flowers! The Twig! Rachel is the floral designer at Trendy Tree and she does beautiful flowers for weddings and events, along with other floral projects. She has one of those jobs that even though it’s hard work, she is doing what she loves.

I’m spending some time with Rachel this morning and she is going to help me design some fresh flowers as table arrangements for my Sunday School class brunch. She will be using the 5-vase container above also.

What’s your favorite table arrangement? Do you buy grocery store roses?

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