How to Keep a Fitted Sheet on the Bed

how to keep a fitted sheet on the bed
Sheets that crawl off!

Does your bed look like this in the morning? This post will show you how to keep a fitted sheet on the bed!

Goodness, I don’t know why I haven’t tried this before, but finally, after having the fitted sheet crawl off the mattress night after night, I decided it was time to do something!

The Problem

It was so easy, I’m mad at myself for not already fixing the problem! Every night we would go to bed with the fitted sheet nicely tucked in place. After a couple of hours, we would wake up, and there it was. The fitted sheet crawling all over the foot of the bed. Now I already have the deep pocket kind, so the sheet not being the right size was not the problem.

I had gotten to the point, that whenever I woke up, I would check with my feet to see if the sheet was still in place! My husband has gotten up in the middle of the night to put the sheet back in place more times than he would want to admit.

Yesterday we shopped at Bed Bath and Beyond. I had already done an internet search for something to hold the fitted sheet in place. We purchased these neat little straps that you attach to the sheets and there you go. Problem solved! So easy.

sheet smoothers from Bed Bath & Beyond to keep a fitted sheet on the bed
Sheet Smoothers

How to Attach

Now, these sorts of straps are nothing new for sure. There are many different styles on the market that range from corner ties to 8-way attachments. My goal was to find some that would work without us having to move the mattress off the bed to attach them.

Sheet Smoothers were very easy to put on. They connected to the sheet with a suspender-like attachment. Well, I say suspender, but when I was growing up we called these things galluses. I knew immediately how to raise the little metal thing, attach the part with the teeth to the sheet, then close the metal thing back down. I had to wear galluses as a child, especially with pants called Jodhpurs.

Now, don’t ask me why my mother thought I needed to wear Jodhpurs. They are riding pants! We did ride horses and had a pony, but these pants were my school clothes! They fitted snugly at the legs and were big in the seat. Because they were so snug down the legs, they would pull down… I had to use galluses to help hold them up. They also had an elastic strap at the bottom that fit around your foot. Between the foot straps and the galluses stretching everything taunt, it’s a wonder something didn’t come loose and injure me or someone else!

Mercy, I had two pairs and I hated them. The straddle would hang low and when the school bus would come to pick up us, I couldn’t raise my leg up high enough to get on the bus step! The bus driver, Mr. Leo Wallace bless his heart, would get up out of the driver’s seat to reach out to me and pull me up into the bus. If anyone ever laughed at me I never knew it. They probably could tell by the look on my face that it wouldn’t have been a good idea.

Galluses vs Suspenders

I had to look up the spelling for galluses and that made me dig a little deeper to find out what the difference was between galluses and suspenders. Other than that was just what we called them growing up. There really isn’t any difference…..they all help hold up your pants or skirts. The French call them galluses; the British call them braces, and Americans call them suspenders.

Maybe we have a little bit of French in our family history. What do you call them?

The Solution

The problem of how to keep a fitted sheet on the bed was solved with the straps. So far. I’m thinking about buying another set to attach horizontally. They were so easy to affix, and I think it would be worth it.

Here’s the bed after we got up this morning. We put the straps on yesterday. Big difference!

fitted sheet after the application of sheet smoothers clips
Sheet Smoothers in Place

Wrapping it Up

Well, I never thought I would blog and show you my bed….but I figured if I was asking why won’t my fitted sheets stay on my bed, it wasn’t likely that I was the only one. So explore some sheet “galluses”))))

There are plenty on the market to choose from and well worth a few dollars for a night free of crawling sheets!

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fitted sheet before and after application of straps
The fitted Sheet Problem is Fixed!
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