Bacon Wrapped Cabbage on the Grill

Bacon-wrapped grilled cabbage is a great side to go with steaks, chops, chicken, or burgers and it really easy to fix!

Grilled Cabbage

Bacon-Wrapped Cabbage Wedges Cooked on the Grill

My husband loves cabbage any way you cook it. I’m not a fan though, except for cabbage slaw….when someone else makes it!

I don’t know if it’s the trouble that it takes to make “real” slaw by grating the cabbage or cleaning up the mess. But, it sure is better when eaten at a favorite fish or seafood place))

Inspired by Pinterest, I tried making bacon-wrapped grilled cabbage on the grill. It was both simple and tasty. The crispy bacon and tender cabbage had a smoky flavor that was delicious. It was easy to make, and anything cooked on the grill leaves me with some free time to enjoy.))


Whole Cabbage

Thick-Sliced Bacon




Step 1

Wash and quarter the cabbage. Looks like I actually had five pieces, so I probably didn’t slice it up very evenly.

cabbage wedge
Cabbage Wedges

Step 2

Wrap cabbages with strips of thick-sliced bacon and secure them with toothpicks.

bacon wrapped cabbage
Wrap Wedges with Bacon

The bacon should be the thick-sliced that you typically buy in a package. Well, we never get bacon cut to specifics though you can.

I watched Paula Deen do a recipe the other day and her bacon was cut ….get this….5/8″ thick! That’s over a half-inch!

She was doing brown sugar maple bacon cooked in the oven. It had never occurred to me to use bacon that thick. I don’t think I’ve ever seen bacon that thick! How about you?

Step 3

Brush with melted butter. Side note, we live in the south….if it’s not moving, we brush it with butter….or batter it and fry it. We’re not choosy….but almost everything deserves at least a little bit of butter)))

cabbage melted butter
Brush with Butter

Once you have brushed the wedges with butter, you can add salt and pepper. You can always add more salt and pepper once it’s finished cooking.

Prepare the Grill

This part is easy for me. I just fix the food and pass it to my husband who gets the grill ready. Typically, he cleans the grill and has the heat up to around 500 or so. Then he turns the heat back to around 300-350 to cook the cabbage.

bacon wrapped cabbage on the grill
Gas Grill

Sorry, but I did not pay attention to the length of time it took to cook the cabbage. We put the cabbage wedges on before the meat and just cooked them until the bacon was crisp and the cabbage tender.

bacon-wrapped grilled cabbage wedge
Great Side for Steak, Chicken, or Chops

I’m not sure exactly how many strips of bacon I used, probably one piece per wedge. Of course, can you ever have too much bacon? No! Don’t forget about the toothpicks! Sometimes they will burn off down to the level of the cabbage so go looking for them.

beef tenderloin steaks wrapped in bacon
Beef Tenderloin Steaks Wrapped in Bacon

Bacon-wrapped grilled cabbage and steak….add a salad and a glass of tea and you’re done! I think the steaks pictured above were really for another night. Even I wouldn’t serve bacon-wrapped cabbage with bacon-wrapped steaks)))

We’re leaving off bread nowadays too and cutting back on carbs. Sigh….it’s hard dealing with a slower metabolism and weight gain. Joys of retirement)))

Happy Grilling!

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