Starburst Mini: Matt’s Fav of the Week

loaded tea with starburst minis flavor

Starburst Mini Loaded Tea

Almost every day Matt stops by the house and we experiment with a new flavor. This week his favorite was Starburst Mini loaded tea. It was tart, sweet, and flavored with Starburst drink mixes in lemon, cherry, and all pink.

The recipe came from Silver Lining Lessons (SLL). Their website is loaded with delicious recipes for loaded teas, shakes, special teas, holiday and theme recipes, flavored waters, coffee, and donut shots. I’m telling you…..SLL is loaded with recipes! You can search for a favorite flavor or ingredient or just work your way through the list like I’m doing. I do have some favorites though)))

Get the original recipe for Starburst Mini at SLL.

What I Did Differently

The only change I made in the recipe was to use Waka Green Tea powder versus Wake Lemon Green Tea. I don’t know if this would have made much difference in the taste, but I only have green tea in my arsenal of mixes.

Starburst Mini loaded tea was so pretty to look at! It started with three levels of color, but by the time I got the image taken, the top two flavors had blended a bit. I’m curious if crushed ice would keep the colors separated better.

Some people don’t care about the separation of colors anyway, it’s all about the taste. But I think the prettier they are, the more appealing. We live in such a visual world!

loaded tea flavor starburst minis

How to Make Starburst Mini Loaded Tea

I’m getting better at making my loaded teas))) It is helpful to always start with hot water to dissolve mixes. This is a good idea whether you are making a loaded tea or just a flavored water. The flavor packets dissolve better in hot water and you don’t get that clump of mix sucked up through your straw!

I’ve also learned to put the straw in the cup before filling it with ice! Here is the original recipe again from Silver Lining Lessons.

Silver Lining Lessons

Check out the SLL website for more loaded tea recipes like the Starburst Mini. It’s unbelievable how many recipes they offer! In addition, remember if you don’t want the extra caffeine from the tea powder and guarana, just leave it out. Flavored waters are great))). Read through the articles on SLL, they are so helpful!

Until the Next Tea Time!

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