The Book of Malachi

book of malachi

This is not my typical post. But I just wanted to share.

We were sitting in church this morning and the pastor gave the scripture for the sermon. I always carry my Bible to church and follow along during the reading. I use a King James Bible.

The pastor called out the Book of Malachi Chapter 2, Verse 17, and I started searching. I was thinking that it was in the latter part of the Old Testament, but I couldn’t find it.

People sitting around me quickly found the passage and the pastor started reading it. I fumbled around a little bit and still couldn’t find it!

Then I noticed that my friend had her Bible open and it looked like it was open more than halfway, so I thought, well maybe I’m wrong, maybe it’s in the New Testament, so I took a quick look there….no luck!

I put the Bible in my lap because I could feel myself getting embarrassed that I hadn’t found the scripture yet. My choices were to go to the index and look it up, or just open it to a page and “pretend” I was in the right place.

I knew I couldn’t pretend, so I just closed my Bible and held it in my lap while everyone around me was following along with the pastor.

As we get older we forget things for sure, but it’s still not a good feeling.

Never Give Up

Later on during the service, I thought I would take another look for the book of Malachi. I was determined to find that chapter.

So I opened my Bible by using the ribbon page holder. Guess what it opened up to.

book of Malachi in the Old Testament
Book of Malachi

Coincidence? I don’t think so.

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