3 Tips for Arranging Flowers in a Wide-Mouth Vase

Do you have a problem arranging flowers in a wide-mouth vase? Here are three simple tips to help with that.

fresh hydrangeas in wide-mouth vase
Hydrangeas from Carrie’s Yard

Tip #1

Use a smaller vase inside the larger wide-mouth vase. Place the smaller vase in carefully and add water to it before you start adding stems.

small vase inside larger wide-mouth vase
Small Vase inside Larger Wide-Mouth Vase

Use a smaller vase that is the same height or less than the larger wide-mouth vase. This technique is especially useful for softer stemmed flowers that tend to drape outward. A vase with a smaller neck holds the bouquet closer together.

Watch the water level carefully if you have a lot of stems in the smaller vase. And when you water, be sure the water is getting into the smaller vase.

Tip #2

Use Scotch tape to make a grid across the top of the vase. This way you can arrange flowers in a center point and they will stay there. Then you can add more around the edges.

use scotch tape across the wide-mouth vase to hold flowers in place
Make a Grid with Scotch Tape

Tip #3

Use clear glass marbles in the bottom of the vase to hold stems in place when you arrange flowers. Push stems down in the marbles or “glass gems” as they are sometimes called. You can buy these Clear Glass Accent Gems for $1.25 at Dollar Tree. They are flat-backed glass marbles in various colors. I use the clear so they will work with any vase.

glass gems or flat backed marbles from dollar tree
Clear Glass Gems

Glass gems are also good for raising the level of the bottom of the base. For instance, if your stems are not long enough for the vase you chose, you can add the marbles and rest the stems on top instead of pushing them down in the marbles.

Lime green Hydranges
Limelight Hydrangeas

These Limelight hydrangeas finally started blooming! They had been cut initially for a smaller vase and this morning I added a few more stems and used a larger vase, so I had to use the flat-backed marbles to raise the bottom level. This does add weight to your vase, so be sure that your vase is sturdy enough to handle it. I probably added 3-4 packs of the glass gems to this vase so it’s really pretty heavy now with the water.

These flat-backed glass marbles work with any kind of vase when you’re arranging flowers with short stems. When the blooms are spent and discarded, just wash the marbles off and store them for later. I keep mine in a plastic container under the sink…..that “catch-all” place for a lot of things)))

short stemmed roses in a glass
Short-Stemmed Roses

Wrapping it Up

I hope these little tips are helpful when you are arranging flowers. What are some of your favorite tricks? I’d love to hear from you! Just leave a comment)))

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