Who doesn’t love to play Bingo? Everyone does, no matter how young or old. It’s a game entire families can play together, so it’s a perfect tradition to start during holiday gatherings. Just take care with toddlers of course! Those little buttons are irresistible to small kids so beware of that issue.

Family Traditions

When our extended family used to get together at Christmastime, we always played some sort of game after the noon meal. Sometimes it would be Pictionary, but one of our favorites was Gesstures. It would be mostly the adults who sat around the dining table and played, while the small kids were off playing with their new gifts. The children always unwrapped their gifts first after lunch and went off to play leaving the rest of us needing something to do instead of dozing off on the sofa or continuing to eat!

So, we played games. We were quite competitive and apparently had no qualms about getting up in front of the family and acting out some ridiculous feat. Thank goodness most of this occurred before smartphones! But through the years, our family group has gotten smaller so playing games kind of fell by the wayside somewhere along the way. I miss it!

This year I decided to bring the family tradition back and play a game that all ages could participate in, some with a little help)) Bingo! It says right on the box ages 6 and up! We had one little chap that wasn’t six, but he sat in his Nana’s lap and she guided him through his first Bingo game. Everybody else was good to go.


You have to have something to entice everyone to participate, including the teenagers. I mean, they will if you tell them they have to, but you really want them to go along willingly and have fun))

Dollar Tree, need I say more! Go shopping at Dollar Tree and pick up items that cover all age groups. Here are some suggestions:

bingo prizes
Bingo Prizes


Have extra buttons or coins on hand to mark cards with. And supervise the little ones of course! Don’t let the game carry on too long, or you risk getting them to participate in games again. Pool all the Bingo prizes on the floor or a table and when a person shouts Bingo, they get to choose a prize. Continue playing until all the prizes are gone. So keep the number of prizes in mind, depending on the size of your group. We had about 20 prizes and that was plenty!

Family Traditions – Start a new one this year!

A Bingo game makes a great family gift. Check out the games on Amazon and find something that your family would love.

play bingo with familiy
Bingo Game

What are some of your family traditions? Please leave us a comment and tell us about your fun activities. We’re always looking for something new.

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