Floating Candles in Centerpieces

floating candles
Floating Candles

Floating candles in clear vases are beautiful in any setting, whether it be for weddings, holidays, or just for the ambiance. They are so easy to work with and look beautiful in clear simple vases.

This was the first year I had used floating candles in my decorations at home. I also used them in a centerpiece on a long table for a brunch event that turned out very pretty and was so simple to make.

Long Table Centerpiece

To start with I cut some fresh greenery. I snipped some magnolia branches, cedar, pine, and Nandina berries. I clipped the branches the day before the event.

Clear Vases

The vases don’t have to be the same size, but they do have to be clean))) That was probably the hardest part about creating this centerpiece))

To create the centerpiece just cluster the tall vases together, I think I used about five. There were not all the same size or height, but they were all clear, that’s all that matters. Pour water into the vases at different levels. Float 3″ candles on the water.

Tuck pieces of greenery in and around the vases making sure that your vase stays level and not sitting on a branch. I made the greenery fuller in the front and back of the bases, then made a more narrow line down the length of the tables on each end. Magnolia branches can be very bulky, but try just using the broad flat leaves instead of the whole branch. Magnolia is perfect for year-round decorating with their glossy leaves and they smell wonderful))) Mississippi’s state flower you know)))

Clear Vases, Cedar, Pine, Magnolia, Nandina Branches

The table was to be used for food, so the greenery didn’t need to take up too much room.

Scatter some clear votives along the narrow greenery sort of meandering from side to side instead of just straight down the center.

Ease the floating candles down into the vases and light them with a long-handled grill lighter. The candles will burn for hours.

The 3″ floating candles will burn for 8-10 hours, so that’s usually more than enough to cover any event. And you can re-use them until they are fully spent. So don’t discard them after the first use!

You can find them at Amazon, here is my affiliate link for 3″ floating candles: Royal Imports 3″ Floating Candles Set of 12

I used some smaller ones at home since my clear vases were smaller in size. 1.75″ Floating Candles Pack of 20

The smaller ones burn for about five hours.

Artificial Greenery

Simples centerpieces with floating candles are easy to make with faux or artificial greenery too. I made this arrangement to go on my back porch using a wooden tray that Carrie gave me for my birthday last month. It was the perfect container for some greenery, pinecones, berry balls, and jingle bells that were leftover from the last few years of decorating. Nothing was new except the candles. Inexpensive decorating!

Since my floating candles were smaller than 3″, I used two or three in each vase. I also used a simple small boxwood wreath around a clear vase on a table for extra seating on the back porch for a Christmas lunch.

tea leaf boxwood wreath
Tea Leaf Boxwood Wreath

Anytime you can find pretty boxwood wreaths like this small tea leaf boxwood, grab it! They are so versatile. You can use them year-round by adding a seasonal bow or floral to them. And you can use them as candle rings around candles or vases like this. Boxwood wreath. never go out of style.

Start with a plain one and change it up for the seasons or events. No one will know you’re using the same boxwood over and over)))

Simple Decorations

The nice thing about keeping decorations simple is that they are also easy to take down! If you use fresh greenery you can just trash it. Pour out the water from the vases and save the candles for another time. Or keep the vases and light the candles every night! They are floating in the water….so that’s pretty safe)))

back porch centerpiece
Back Porch

Oh, just a thought! I wonder what colored water with floating candles would look like….have you tried it? Leave me a comment and let me know how you use floating candles))

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