New Wood Bow Maker

new wood bow maker
New Wood Bow Maker

This is a new wooden bow maker that we saw at the Dallas market this past week. I was a tag-a-long with the Trendy Tree crew and just had a ball))) My goal while they were busy placing orders for the 2023 fall and winter seasons was to wander around and take images of pretty things for ideas and inspiration))


Craig Bachman Imports is a primary vendor for Trendy Tree and we have been knowing Emily Li and Craig Bachman for many years. Emily designed this bow maker and I was able to get a video while she made a beautiful bow.

Bow Maker

Emily Li designed the wood bow maker for those leftover short pieces of ribbon that we all have. You know those spools that have less than a yard, not enough to make a bow, but yet too good to throw away. So we keep them)))

The bow maker is made of wood and has one-inch markings. There are four pegs that screw in which is a little different from other bow makers. Most of the others have pegs that just push in.

wood bow maker with pegs for making bows with scrap or short ends of ribbon
Wood Bow Maker with Pegs

The bow maker also folds into a compact shape which makes for easy storage or travel if you do bows at events, etc.


Emily demonstrated how to use pieces as short as six inches! All you need is several different patterns and sizes to create a beautiful bow. Ribbons don’t have to be too matchy-matchy and need to be different sizes too.

She used 2.5″ 1.5″ and 7/8″ and several different colors and patterns. She started with a 2.5″ ribbon and the last layer was the most narrow ribbon.

The result was a big beautiful bow with long tails.

pink and mint green christmas bow made with the new wooden bow maker from craig bachman imports
Pink & Mint Green Winter Bow


Trendy Tree will list the new CBI Wood Bow Maker with Pegs just as soon as they come in, but it will still likely be several months. So in the meantime, don’t clear out your ribbon stash! This bow is a great project for those short ends.

Did I say she even stapled some 6″ pieces of ribbon together….I’ve never done this and never even thought about it! It really worked well though, no one is the wiser that ribbons were pieced together in this bow!

Thank You!

Many thanks to Emily and Craig Bachman Imports for bringing us great products. Quality is a priority with CBI and their customer service is top-notch. When we go to the showroom it’s like visiting old friends…which it is!

Plus we usually run into our business friends from across the country. CBI is sort of a “gathering place” for us))) Many of our friends sell the same or similar products, but we’re not into that competition that typically goes along with businesses that sell similar items.

damon carrie and parker
Damon – Carrie – Parker

It’s not unusual for us to meet up with Damon and Parker from DecoExchange and compare notes. Did you see this new style…or what do you think about this product? Oh, and go out to eat))) There is always time for Rodeo Goat on these buying trips)))

If you or someone you know is looking for a wholesaler of ribbon, mesh, florals, and decor, check them out! Their main showroom is located in Frankfort, IL and they have a showroom at the Dallas Market Center.

Thanks again Emily for sharing your expertise with us, we appreciate it!

emily and carrie in cbi showroom
Emily (CBI) Carrie
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