Rustic Elegance: Wooden Dough Bowl Inspiration

wooden dough bowl

Wooden dough bowls, trays, and wicker items were still trending at the Dallas market. This of course is right down my alley))) I love things that don’t break!

This wooden dough bowl filled with succulents is just over the top! It was a huge dough bowl too! But I love the idea for spring and summer. Just layer some moss, and fill with your favorite faux succulents. You might want to catch them on sale though to fill a bowl this big!

Dough Bowls

Dough bowls are not new. My earliest memories of a dough bowl were something that my grandmother used to make biscuits in.

Her dough bowl was made of wood and always had flour in it. She would use the dough bowl to make her biscuits, and then store it back in the cabinet with a dish towel made out of flour or feed sack over it.

When I was growing up, feed for cows came in fabric sacks as did flour. I don’t remember if cornmeal came in sacks or not but the feed sacks were much larger.

Here are some examples of the feed sack material that was used for quilting, kitchen rags, aprons, dresses, and bonnets.

examples of feed sack patterns that were used to make quilts

These patterns are all from quilts that my mother or grandmother made so many years ago. They are safely stored away and I just get them out and look at them from time to time and try to imagine how much work they put into them and what it was like to sit around quilting. I love the one on the top with the girl washing clothes in a tub and hanging them on a clothesline.

Notice the blue and white pattern….it’s similar to the chinoiserie style so popular today.

Noticed how I slipped that word in there….it’s because I just learned it! More on that later)))

Some quilts were for everyday use, and others were fancy, meaning, they were for keeping I reckon and not using))) But that’s material for another day!

Making Biscuits

My grandmother would make biscuits in her wooden dough bowl and never use a spoon or measuring cup. She just made a well in the flour, added some shortening, and then some buttermilk. She would work the mixture together until it formed a ball and then pinch off the biscuits and put them in the baking pan. The remaining flour would still be nice and clean! She would place the towel over the wooden dough bowl and put it in the cabinet until the next morning.

Her dough bowl had been handed down to her by her mother. I wish I had it today, but I think a cousin wound up with it.

Here’s a video I found on YouTube that sounds much like the way my grandmother made biscuits. You can just find anything on YouTube! (Credit to Mountain Roots Revival: Mama’s Dough Bowl Biscuits)

Wooden dough bowls are the kind of keepsakes that are so special. Even though I don’t have my grandmothers, I do have the whiskey bottle that she used to roll out pie crust,)))

History of the Wooden Dough Bowl

Dough bowls date back to early Colonial times. They were carved from wood and used for making bread dough. They were usually large, sturdy, and had a shallow design which allowed space for kneading and for bread to rise. Dough bowls were typically made out of maple, cherry, or pine, but other woods were used also.

Dough bowls became valuable heirlooms passed down through generations. Families cherished these practical items not only for their functionality but also for their sentimental value and the stories they carried.

Wooden Dough Bowl Decor

In recent years, the popularity of dough bowls as decorative items has surged. Modern reproductions and interpretations are widely available, catering to a variety of design styles. They are used for a myriad of purposes, from table centerpieces to storage solutions and beyond.

Today, dough bowls are not just remnants of a bygone era; they have evolved into versatile and stylish decor items, appreciated for their rustic charm and historical significance. The continued interest in these bowls highlights the enduring appeal of functional objects turned into timeless pieces of art.

Here are a few ways that you can use your wooden dough bowl for decor, just in case you don’t make homemade biscuits or bread)))

Wooden Dough Bowl Decor

  • Use the dough bowl as a decorative tray for serving coffee or tea on your coffee table.
  • Fill it with rolled hand towels, pretty soaps, or spa products in the bathroom.
  • Showcase cupcakes, cookies, or other desserts at parties or family gatherings.
  • Hang the dough bowl on the wall as a unique piece of wall art.
  • Add scented oils or potpourri for a therapeutic and aromatic touch to your living space. But, be careful with this idea if you plan to use it with food another time.
  • Rotate with seasonal decor, filling the bowl with pinecones in winter, colorful eggs in spring, or seashells in summer.
  • Small pumpkins, gourds, and greenery for fall.
  • Shiny ornaments and baubles for Christmas or vintage keepsake ornaments.
  • Arrange pillar candles of varying heights in the dough bowl for a rustic and cozy candle holder.
  • Showcase decorative orbs, spheres, or wooden beads for an artistic touch.
  • Display fresh fruits like apples, oranges, or lemons for a functional and decorative kitchen accent.
  • Place small indoor potted plants in the dough bowl for a touch of greenery. (My preference would be to use faux plants like the succulents in the feature image.)
  • Fill with napkins and silverware for a buffet.


Check out some of my favorite wooden dough bowls that are available in my Amazon store.

But if you would rather support small businesses (which is great) check out these from Etsy. Affiliate link included. I have not shopped these businesses personally, but the reviews are great.

Bowls by Kim (You can have it personalized!)

McCains Furniture

My Dough Bowl

Here are a couple of ways I have filled my dough bowl.

simple christmas centerpiece
fall foyer arrangement on a table
Fall Foyer
multicolor ball garlands on mantel
Long Narrow Dough Bowl Filled with Ornaments
dehydrated oranges
Dehydrated Oranges
multicolor christmas decorations
Christmas Decor

My wooden dough bowl sits empty right now, just waiting for its next job. I could fill it with some shiny red and pink hearts and vintage valentines. Or maybe wait a few more weeks and do Easter grass with flocked bunnies from Trendy Tree. Either way, it will be put to good use)))

Thanks for following and I would love to hear what your favorite ways to fill a dough bowl are. Just leave me a comment!

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