Fall Centerpiece for a Foyer

fall arrangement using a fabric pumpkin in a wooden bowl and wood bead garland and hydrangeas

Last week I mentioned that Carrie and Rachel swooped in and redecorated my bookcase….well that wasn’t all they did))) They also rearranged a table in the foyer with a fall centerpiece Now it’s still an unfinished project.

I’m looking for a taller cabinet for the foyer and plan to get rid of the table. But sometimes you just have to go with what you have, don’t you? Right! So until I find the ‘just right’ cabinet, the smaller table will have to do.

Fall Centerpiece

Rachel took a large wooden bowl and filled it with a couple of pumpkins left over from last year or the year before. Nothing new was used for the fall centerpiece, things were just re-grouped.

I have a tutorial for the cream fabric pumpkin and the unique thing about it, is that it has a real pumpkin stem hot glued on! Here’s the link for the fabric pumpkin tutorial and one for the painted pumpkin stem.

real pumpkin stem

Easy DIY Pumpkin

The pumpkin was easy to make and I used a jersey-like material that had a two-way stretch. Stretchy, thin material is easier to work with, but you can make ….

save those stems

How to Paint Dried Pumpkin Stems

Want to learn how to paint dried pumpkin stems? It’s easy! It only takes a little preparation, but you have to start months ahead of time)))…..

For extra texture and a little bit of color, Rachel added some lime green hydrangeas from the yard and tucked in a string of wooden beads. The wood bead garland came from Trendy Tree and they still have several styles in stock. Here’s a link: Wood Bead Garlands.

The smaller pumpkin was also a leftover craft from a while back. It is a Styrofoam pumpkin that I covered with fabric. Yep! I have a tutorial for that too.)))

inexpensive pumpkins

How to Cover Styrofoam Pumpkins with Fabric

Have you ever wanted to learn how to cover Styrofoam pumpkins with fabric? Well, it’s really easy! All you need is a foam pumpkin and some .. .


I love candles and candlesticks! Typically, I only use battery candles and only light real candles that are in safe containers in an area like the kitchen counter. But Rachel said colored candles are trending, so I picked up some real candles for the fall centerpiece display. I won’t be lighting them.))) For so long I have only used ivory or white candles, it’s going to be hard to get used to using colors again!

fall foyer arrangement on a table

The Mirror

The mirror was new, well not necessarily new, but never used before. I bought it several years ago and it was pretty heavy so I was scared to hang it myself on the wall. So it was tucked in a closet just waiting for Rachel to come by))) She leaned it up against the wall…..so no worries about it being so heavy. Not right now anyway. When I find my permanent piece of furniture to put in the foyer, maybe then we’ll hang it on the wall.

What’s Next?

I’m hoping that Rachel and Carrie will stop by one day and tackle my home office. It could use a facelift)))

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assorted fall decor, deep red mums, pumpkins, and a magnolia wreath

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