How to Paint Dried Pumpkin Stems

painted dried pumpkin stems
Painted Dried Pumpkins Stems

Dried Pumpkin Stems

Want to learn how to paint dried pumpkin stems? It’s easy! It only takes a little preparation, but you have to start months ahead of time)))

Prepare Pumpkin Stems

Save the stems from your fall pumpkins before you toss them out! It’s really easy to do and here’s a blog post that will give you more details: Save Those Pumpkins Stems

So, once you’ve saved your pumpkin stems from last fall, now it’s time to get them out. Well, to my surprise when I got my bag out this week, some were a little moldy! I guess I should have checked on them weeks earlier.

Anyway, all I did was wash them off and spray them with bleach. I placed them in the sun to dry and by the next day, they were ready for painting.


  • Dried Pumpkin Stems
  • Paints
  • Small Brushes

It really doesn’t take much in the way of supplies. I have a little plastic container of colors, markers, brushes, etc that I always kept on hand for the grandchildren when they were growing up. So I used a couple of brushes from that box and two paints that I had picked up at Walmart a while back.

Any acrylic paint should do. I used 660E Pure Gold and 5194E Black Flash. Both these paints were some of the higher-priced paints from Walmart, but I had them on hand because I used them to paint some furniture handles a while back. Had I not had these on hand, I would have chosen some of the $2 paint colors.

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  • Start with clean dry paint stems
  • Paint with gold paint first and allow to dry
  • Accent with darker paint
  • Rub off if necessary with a paper towel or rag
  • Retouch with gold paint if you use too much of the accent color
  • Allow them to dry
  • Be sure to paint the top of the stem

That’s All!

Well, that was short and simple! I told you it was easy. Acrylic paints clean up with water so there is hardly any mess.

painted pumpkin stems
Painted Pumpkin Stems

Now all I have to do is make the pumpkins! I picked out three pieces of fabric yesterday in creams and taupe. I may use an animal print also that I already have on hand. My plan is to do a new tutorial for this blog, but I did one for Trendy Tree last year I think, and here’s that link for you: How to Make Velvet Pumpkins

The pumpkins are really easy to make and turn out so pretty! Plus, you pick the fabric and color for your own theme. I used some blue velvet that season. Here’s a pic.

velvet pumpkins
Velvet Pumpkins

Stay Tuned!

I’ll start working on my fabric pumpkins soon. I can’t wait to start decorating for fall))) We’re always yearning for the next season, aren’t we!

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