Fall Candle Inspiration & Ideas

ideas for decorating with candles for fall
Fall Candle Inspiration & Ideas

One of the things I love to do when going to the winter market in Dallas or Atlanta is to look for fall candle inspiration and ideas. Well, not just candles but I love browsing the showrooms and gathering ideas for home decor. Here’s a short video of my finds in Dallas.

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Fall candle displays were full of rustic elements such as twigs, bark, raffia, and burlap. Some candles were designed with a wood bark look or displayed wrapped in twigs or artificial floral pieces like bittersweet.

Bittersweet is one of my favorite fall florals to work with. It has just a little color and not much in the way of greenery. Just perfect for fall designing on mantels, wreaths, and tablescapes. Just anywhere! The candles were all flameless of course.

fall candle inspiration with flameless candles and bittersweet and grapevine
RAZ Birch Wrapped Candles

I love the fall candle ideas we picked up at market and really like the candles with the tree bark look. Those candles are pretty expensive! You will find some listed in my Amazon store if you would like to browse. RAZ candles are of great quality and you can’t go wrong with them.

Here are some floral links for bittersweet and fall berry picks at Trendy Tree.

Flameless Candles

After having had two bad experiences with real candles in the home….I have vowed to only use battery-powered candles from now on. One such episode from a votive candle ruined a bathroom countertop and the other caused a fire under the kitchen cabinets. That one destroyed an under-the-counter light fixture but luckily we caught it before the cabinets caught on fire. So flameless is the only way to go for me)))

Flameless candles have come so far through the years and have a much more realistic look, touch, and smell. They even have some now that you “blow out.”

Timers and remotes make it easy to use flameless candles, especially during the holidays. That’s really the primary occasion that I use the timers. Just set them and you’re done for the holidays if you start with fresh batteries))) Timers are extremely helpful too if you place candles in hard-to-reach places….plus so many come with remotes too.

DIY Fall Candle Ideas

I’m wondering if there might be a way to achieve a similar look, but spend less money. For instance, take plain ivory flameless candles of assorted sizes and add embellishments. I’ve been shopping at Hobby Lobby, Walmart, and Dollar Tree lately and picking up a few things to experiment with. Here are my thoughts so far. If they turn out okay, I’ll do a tutorial))

  • Cover candles with scrapbook paper in birch or tree bark pattern (Hobby Lobby)
  • Wrap candles with jute string or raffia
  • Wrap candles with burlap
  • Tie leather pieces around candles
  • Tie jute string with wooden beads around candles
  • Wrap ribbon around candles

These are just some of my thoughts. Again, when I do projects like this I just experiment and try not to do anything permanent. So I was thinking about just wrapping candles in paper or leather (or textured wallpaper) and tying them with jute, ribbon, or raffia. That way, all the embellishments can be removed and candles used later for something else.

Here’s one I experimented with using scrapbook paper, no tape or glue. The candle had a curved edge so I trimmed the paper once I had it around the candle. But, for future reference, a smooth-edge candle should be easier.

cover a flameless candle in paper that resembles burlap, tie with jute string
DIY Fall Candle Embellishment

Stay tuned! I’ll let you know how the fall candles turn out. I’m excited to get started on them!

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