Veggie Boxwood Wreath

veggie wreath, add a bow and raffia vegetables to a small boxwood wreath for kitchen counter
Veggie Wreath

Veggie Boxwood Wreath

A while back, Nick Sanders of 39 County Home created the prettiest Deco mesh veggie wreath. He used one of the Trendy Tree wreath kits and it just turned out really nice. His wreath inspired me to update the boxwood wreath in my kitchen)))

The Trendy Tree kit contained raffia vegetables that just added the perfect summer touch. The wreath would really look great on the front door, back door, or in the kitchen. Here’s a peek.

veggie wreath made with trendy tree kit of deco mesh, ribbons, sign and vegetables
Veggie Wreath by 39 County Home

To see Nick’s tutorial for the veggie wreath just click here: Veggie Wreath Tutorial


The kit is now sold out, but some of the individual supplies are still in stock. I’ve suggested a sub for the individual items that are now gone too.

MD0697 – 12″ Meet me at the Market Sign

63025RD – 12″ Red Beet Bundle

63020RDYWOR – 15″ Carrot Bundle

RGC117327 – 1.5″ Veggie Ribbon (sold out) – Substitute with RGC117427 2.5″

RGC120127 – 2.5″ Ivy Ribbon

RGC118723 – 2.5″ Purple Gauze Ribbon (sold out) Substitute with RGE120223

RG01320M1 – 1.5″ Orange/White Gingham Ribbon (sold out) Substitute with RX9148KJ

RY832062 – 10.25″ Black/White Check Mesh

RY8315B5 – 10.5″ Fresh Green/Moss Mesh

XX748709 – 24″ Evergreen Work Wreath

And, if you’re not the crafty type, Nick has all sorts of beautiful wreaths for sale in his Etsy Shop. Check it out!

Veggie Boxwood Wreath

I have a smallish boxwood wreath that sits on the counter in my kitchen. It’s an easy spot to update and change out for the seasons or a special occasion. Nick’s veggie wreath spoke to my heart! I love the raffia veggies we picked out at market, and updating my small boxwood wreath was the opportune time to use them))

You can watch the video below.

Boxwood Veggie Wreath Update

I love how the wreath turned out! Plus, I used up some scrap ribbon and that’s always fun to not have to buy new products. You would think with my access to Trendy Tree I’d be grabbing up new things all the time. But, I’m just like everyone else….I have a stash of ribbon that clutters up my craft room that I don’t get rid of until I’ve used the very last inch!

A couple of the 1.5″ ribbons that didn’t have a wire edge came from Rachel’s craft table at Trendy Tree. It’s fun to dig around in her supplies at the shop from time to time)))

The Twig – a Branch of Trendy Tree

Did you know that Rachel does fresh flowers out of the Trendy Tree warehouse? That is part of the Trendy Tree services. I know this won’t matter to you unless you are local to our area, but she does absolutely beautiful work with fresh flowers. She does weddings and events in the Pontotoc, Tupelo, Oxford, and New Albany area. I just love watching her work when I can)))

fresh flower arrangement for fall wedding
Fall Wedding Flowers

This is an arrangement that Rachel did last year for a fall wedding. Fall is my favorite time of the year! I hope that at least one of our grandchildren (when the time is right) will have an outdoor wedding in the fall.

Back on Topic

Well, I sorta got off subject there from my boxwood veggie wreath. But anyway, I just changed out the bow with three styles of ribbon and added a raffia beet and two carrots. I’ll do something else later with the leftover veggies. The links for the beets and carrots are in the above list.

veggie wreath on kitchen counter
Veggie Wreath

The next change out for the wreath will probably be in the fall and I’ll add some little pumpkins maybe. Chasing rabbits again! But, do you like making velvet pumpkins or covering Styrofoam pumpkins? There are a couple of tutorials that I did on Trendy Tree to show you how to do both, I’ll include those links at the bottom of this post.

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veggie boxwood wreath

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another veggie wreath

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Have you wanted to learn how to make your own deco mesh wreaths? Well, you can! It’s not that hard, especially when you have someone to guide you like Max Buechler of MB Crafts.

How to Make Velvet Pumpkins

Fabric Covered Pumpkin Tutorial

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