Seasonal Sophistication: Embrace Eggplant Color for Fall

eggplant color for fall decorating

The Color Eggplant

Have you thought about using the color eggplant for your fall decorating? I hadn’t, but once I saw this stunning wreath created by Kasy Cardenas,, I may have to try it! Kasy is a Trendy Tree friend and an outstanding designer. She occasionally puts together gorgeous wreaths with Trendy Tree products.

You can hop over to the Trendy Tree page and see just how she created this beautiful wreath. There is a list of supplies there too in case you want to make one for yourself, or you can visit Kasy’s website and you might find this wreath still available! If not, she has plenty more that are just as beautiful to choose from)))

The Color Wheel

Having admired Kasy’s wreath so much, it made me wonder about what other colors that eggplant would go well with. I’m not a color expert so don’t take my suggestions to heart, but I did want to see what the Color Wheel had to say about eggplant.

Now I have a Color Wheel and you can get one too at Trendy Tree. But, as luck would have it, I could not locate it to play with today! So I Googled “Interactive Color Wheel.” And I found one! You can imagine my surprise when I saw it was a Canva Color Wheel.

The reason I say this is because I have been a Canva user for several years now. I have used a pro account for editing images, well it’s really the only program I use now having dropped Photoshop several years ago.

So, I logged into my Canva account and I swear….I could not locate that Color Wheel anywhere! I gave up and contacted Canva and after several email messages back and forth….apparently, the Color Wheel is something you can’t get to from their site! It’s one of those “you can’t get there from here things.”

But if you use this URL you can get to it: Canva Color Wheel

I love the Color Wheel! You just plug in your hex code for the color and click on the type color combination you want. It’s so easy. And if you don’t know the hex code (who does, except maybe for black and white) just Google it.

Complementary Colors

For example, the hex code for eggplant is #614051. Choose complementary and you get the color that is opposite eggplant. Eggplant is a dark purple and sometimes it’s called aubergine.

complementary colors for eggplant

Complementary colors on a color wheel are like opposites – they make each other look more intense when used together.

Monochromatic Colors

monochromatic colors for eggplant

Monochromatic colors are all the different shades and tints of a single color.

Analogous Colors

analogous colors to use with eggplant

Analogous colors are colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel and share similar undertones, creating a harmonious and pleasing color palette. Don’t ask me where these names come from!

Triadic Colors

triadic colors to use with eggplant

Triadic colors are sets of three colors on the color wheel that are equally spaced from each other, creating a balanced and vibrant color combination.

Tetradic Colors

tetradic colors for eggplant, purple or aubergine

Tetradic colors are sets of four colors on the color wheel that are evenly spaced from each other, resulting in a complex and harmonious color scheme.

Okay, enough of the color lesson))) I just thought it would be interesting to see what colors would blend or contrast with eggplant.

I looked at some specific fall colors that go with eggplant, and here’s what I came up with.

fall colors that go well with eggplant or aubergine purple

Eggplant is a fantastic choice for fall decorating, as it combines elegance with the cozy, welcoming vibes of the season. Whether you incorporate it sparingly or make it the star of your decor, this deep and luxurious hue will add a touch of autumn magic to your home.

I’m not sure that I would ever want say a whole room or wall with the color eggplant, but some fall accessories would be nice. Small things like throw pillows, vases, dinnerware or table linens, candles, or a wreath)). Kudos again to!

fall grapevine wreath using eggplant hydrangeas

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