An Over the Table Rod for Decorating

spring florals on an over the table decorating rod

The Problem – No room on a buffet table for the centerpiece.

The Solution – An over the table adjustable rod.

Over The Table Rod (Trendy Tree)

When I first saw this RAZ over-the-table adjustable rod, I thought how great! You know how it is when you have a buffet table full of food and you have to move the beautiful centerpiece that you worked so hard on out of the way!

Well, here’s a great solution. This sturdy iron rod adjusts from 52.5″ to 80″ and you can decorate it with fresh florals or artificial flowers and greenery.

I love this one-sided display using the adjustable over-the-table rod stand. Wouldn’t this be beautiful in a foyer! And what a wonderful way to welcome guests into your home. You could change out the florals with the seasons and have a new entryway each time.

The display above is full of peach peonies, tulips, and poppies. Looks like there are some seeded eucalyptus sprays and beaded sprays.

Holiday Decorating

This adjustable over-the-table rod stand is perfect for holiday decorating. My first thoughts were for a food table, but I love how the talented designers at RAZ have shown us a couple of different ways to use the rod.

gold christmas decorations and pinecones on an over the table stand
Gold Over The Table Rod

I love how in the image above, the floral design is all on one side and the gold tassels and pinecones just add elegance to the simple wood bead garlands and white candles. Below is a version of the florals on both sides.

christmas mantel decorated with gold pinecones, tassels, balls and garland on an over the table rod
Evergreen & Gold

Both these images are decorated with products from the RAZ Evergreen and Gold collection. This image demonstrates how both corners can be decorated, but it’s still off to one side. There is a mix of naturals and shiny golds with just the basic color theme of green and gold.

Spring Decorating

spring flowers with lemons on a backyard table on an adjustable decorative rod that attaches to a table
Spring Florals

Wouldn’t this display of spring florals and lemons be just perfect for a backyard gathering! You could also string some tiny lights on the adjustable rod for evening ambiance.

magnolia garland on a decorative rod that attached to a table
Clean Lines & Simple Designs

Of course, you can keep things simple too! A Magnolia garland draped on one end of the over-the-table rod for a simple, clean look that works year-round.

gold lanterns, orchids and magnolia garland with blooms on an over the table rod
Gold & Greenery

These are all the images I have from RAZ on using the over-the-table decorative rod, but I have more ideas!

  • Suspend beautiful Christmas ornaments from pretty ribbon or clear fishing line
  • Hang Christmas stockings
  • Use it to hold a camera from it over your craft table (that’s where mine is right now)
  • Drape with grapevine and eucalyptus for an anytime event
  • Decorate with tulle and tiny lights for a wedding
  • Display photos or Christmas cards clipped with clothespins on a string
  • Use as support for a balloon arch
  • Easter eggs or valentines

How to Decorate the Rod

RAZ shows three simple steps to decorating the rod. Now, we all know that it’s never quite as easy as it looks, but it’s a guide anyway)))

how to decorate the over the table rod, star with greenery garland first
Start with the Greenery
how to decorate the over the table rod, pick out some pretty artificial florals
Choose Some Pretty Florals
how to decorate the over the table rod, spring flowers
Add the Florals

Wrapping it Up!

Well, these are a few of my ideas on how the over-the-table rod could be used. As above, right now mine is in my craft room attached to my table so it will hold my iPhone over the work area to video. But now that I’ve looked at all the images from RAZ, I’m thinking….this is too nice to use as a camera holder! It would be put to better use in my foyer on a narrow table. What a nice entryway that would make, plus it would be in my view right from my desk! My foyer needs a lift and this might be just the thing!

Now to go table shopping))))

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