Spooktacular Charm: Halloween Shelf Sitters

Halloween shelf sitters in dresses, long legs, black cat and pumpkin girl

Halloween Shelf Sitters

I was killing some time the other day in TJ Maxx and ran across these adorable Halloween shelf sitters. They were only $12.99 and really well made. The bottoms are weighted which makes them great decorations to perch on a mantel, bookcase, etc.

The Black Cat

black cat dressed in a girl outfit, Halloween shelf sitter

The black cat is dressed in a lacy skirt. Her face is embroidered with a button nose, and she has wire in her arms and tail. There is no wire in the long legs.

The Pumpkin Girl

pumpkin girl shelf sitter on a bookcase

The pumpkin girl shelf sitter has a painted face, and no wire in the arms or legs, but the stem on the top of her head is wired. Browser doesn’t know quite what to think about her!

I just thought they were both cute as could be and grabbed them up without a second thought)))

Halloween Pillows

TJ Maxx had a ton of Halloween decorations in addition to the cute shelf sitters! This Ouija Board pillow caught my eye instantly and I knew I had to have it))

Black, white Halloween pillows, Ouija Board pillow, Browser

The other three pillows came in a bundle so I grabbed them too. Again, Browser is not so sure about all this!

Now, you might be opposed to having anything related to a Ouija Board in your home, but we had one as teenagers and it was just a fun game to play with.

We would ask it questions and the mysterious triangular thing would start to move! There was always someone saying “You’re moving it!” “I’m not, you are!” And so on and so on. It was always exciting to discover who your next boyfriend would be or who you might marry. Strange that we never asked it any questions that none of us knew the answer too)))😄😆

I was wondering about the Ouija Board’s origins and came across a bunch of cool stuff – well, some facts and a few other interesting tidbits.

Ouija Board History

  • Known as spirit board, talking board, or witch board.
  • The heart-shaped moveable part is called planchette.
  • Patented in 1890
  • Was initially refused a patent, until it spelled out the patent officer’s name (hmmmmm).
  • Criticized by several Christian denominations.

Well, it goes without saying that the Ouija Board may have had a checkered past, but for us, it was just fun and games. Anyway, it’s interesting, just Google it)) You might be surprised to find out who relied on the Ouija Board for decision-making.

So, back to the cute shelf sitters! I looked at the TJ Maxx website and couldn’t find them, so they could just be in stores. But if you run across them, grab them quickly. I don’t think they will stay on the shelf long.

spooky stuff!

Halloween Haul

Don’t you just love a dollar store Halloween haul! I don’t know about you, but when I go to a store like Dollar General or Dollar Tree, I can’t help ……..


  1. Hi Jeannie!! I just love your Halloween haul…the shelf sitters are just tooooo cute, and the pillows are adorable too!! So happy Browser got in on the photos!! He is such a sweet baby puppy!! I love Halloween also!! Enjoy your finds!!

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