How to Cover Styrofoam Pumpkins with Fabric

styrofoam pumpkins covered in fabric
Fabric Covered Pumpkins

Have you ever wanted to learn how to cover Styrofoam pumpkins with fabric? Well, it’s really easy! All you need is a foam pumpkin and some thin, stretchy fabric.


Here’s an example of a Styrofoam pumpkin from Walmart, covered in gold material. It was my favorite fabric for last year. I’ve picked out some new ones for this year))

how to cover styrofoam pumpkins in fabric
Pumpkin Before & After Covering


  • Styrofoam Pumpkins (not hollow plastic) Light-colored ones are best for covering.
  • Thin, stretchy fabric. 2-way stretch is best, but 1-way will work. Thicker fabrics are harder to work with.
  • Wooden Spoon
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue (optional)

Watch the Video

Here’s a short video on my recent purchase of fabrics for pumpkins this year. I’m sorry, my husband was vacuuming for me while I was doing this video and you can hear the hose being sucked back into the wall…lol

Fabrics for Covering Pumpkins


Watch this video that I did for a tutorial on Trendy Tree last year showing how to cover Styrofoam pumpkins with fabric.

Final Notes

Covering pumpkins in a fabric that you have picked out is a great way to give your home your personal touch. Especially when you can’t find that particular shade of a color you might be looking for. You can also paint Styrofoam pumpkins and we have a tutorial for that too!

How to Paint Styrofoam Pumpkins

More to Come!

Stay tuned because, in the next few days, I’ll be getting my pumpkins from last year out, and getting them recovered. Remember how I always like to re-purpose things)) That’s why I don’t use hot glue on the stems, it gives me the opportunity to play with them again. Also, I have the supplies to make some new fabric (fiberfill) pumpkins too!

Be on the lookout for pumpkins in different shapes and sizes. You can find them at Walmart, Target, Hobby Lobby, and Dollar Tree. Remember that you will need solid foam pumpkins, not hollow plastic). Look for pumpkins that look like you can remove the stems.

And fabrics, check for that 2-way stretch! Don’t forget about old clothes in your closet as a source too. I learned how to cover Styrofoam pumpkins from Amy Smith of Ba Bam Wreaths. She did a demonstration covering a pumpkin with a pair of panties! New ones of course, but it was the perfect material that she needed for her project.

So….think out of the box) or….out of the dresser drawer))

fabric covered Styrofoam pumpkins
Fabric Covered Pumpkins

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  1. Love these! Made some last year. Love that you can make over every year if you’d like. Thx for sharing 🍁🍂

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