Old Forsythia Wreath Repurposed

repurposed grapevine forsythia wreath on front door
Forsythia Wreath

Repurpose an Old Forsythia Wreath

I like nothing better than to breathe life into an old wreath and make it fresh and new again. This grapevine forsythia wreath was picked up at a garage sale no less than ten years ago and had been in a storage shed for a while after that. As a quick fix, my friend hung it on her door this spring until she could get something else.

old forsythia wreath to be repurposed
Forsythia Wreath Before

My plan was to make a new bow for her wreath, but she said the flowers were falling off and she was just going to toss it. So, one day while she was at work I went over and got it off her door. Hope her neighbors didn’t think I was stealing it)))

It was in pretty sad shape. The glue on the flowers had degraded over the years and the blooms were falling off. I started hot gluing the small loose stems back on, but eventually decided to just remove anything loose and just add new flowers.

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The grapevine forsythia wreath, even though it was old, was still fine as a base. I used three forsythia bushes, a sunflower bouquet, a sprout leaf twig, one dusty miller bush, and some odd pieces of leftover greenery from my craft room. The bow was made with scrap ribbon I had on hand.

Here are the links to the Trendy Tree products that I used:

I think the end results were great and my friend loved it. So the wreath was salvaged for a few more years!

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before and after images of forsythia grapevine wreath
Before & After Forsythia Wreath
repurposed yellow forsythia wreath on my front door
Forsythia Wreath

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  1. This repurposed Forsythia wreath is absolutely gorgeous Jeannie!! I know your friend must love it!! And I tend to think that underneath all your beautiful work, that grapevine wreath is smiling, as it has been given a second chance!! Have a great day!!

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