Buzz-Worthy Decor: Bee Skep Hive Accents

bee skep (hive) lantern with wood base and wire top
Melrose Bee Skep Hive Decor

Bee Skep Hives

This past week I was in Dallas with Carrie (Trendy Tree) for a market-buying trip. Browsing and looking for trends is something that I enjoy doing along with taking a lot of images and video.

These metal and wood bee skep hive pieces from Melrose caught my attention. I would call them lanterns, but Melrose just calls them decor pieces or accents.

Melrose is a wholesale supplier of holiday decorations, garden accents, giftware, home decor, silk florals, flameless candles, infinity lights, and much more. You’ll find many retail stores that offer their products and you can also find them on sites like Amazon, Walmart, Overstock, and other websites.

The products that I have had experience with from Melrose have all been quality items. You may have seen me decorate my lanterns from Melrose in some of my tutorials.

Bee Skep? Beehive?

Well, I didn’t know what a bee skep was until we ordered a Bee Skep Christmas ornament from Old World Christmas when we owned Trendy Tree))) I learned a lot of little details working with those ornaments!

A Bee Skep is a coiled straw hive that was used before today’s modern hives. Bees are very industrious, and they must work together to produce honey to ensure the hive’s survival.

The most I knew about beehives, was the “beehive hairdo.” Did you ever wear one?

beehive hairdo

You could get your hair done like this, and wear it for almost a week! First, you had hair spray and then a final touch of lacquer. It might flatten down a bit but it would stay in place! Every night I wrapped toilet tissue around my head, held in place with clippies.

Don’t make fun of me…..if you’re my age you did it too!

Back to the Accent Pieces….

Anyway, I saw these beehive or bee skep pieces at the Dallas market and just loved them! I think they are perfect spring and summer pieces and you could decorate them in so many ways.

bee skep (hive) lantern with wood base and wire top

The bee skeps come in a set of two with one larger than the other. The tallest one is almost 16″ and 12″ in diameter. The second one is just smaller, I don’t know the dimensions of it. Here are some thoughts on how you could decorate it.

I wasn’t sure if the little bees came with the beehive pieces but it does after reviewing the product. The greenery does not of course.

Bee Skep or Beehive Decor Tips

  • Greenery or Florals
  • Battery Candles
  • Favorite Pottery
  • Use as a cover over a bowl of fruit
  • Over a birdnest
  • In a bathroom with pretty soaps, essential oils, or salts
  • Easter decor, fluffy yellow chicks, bunnies, Easter eggs
  • Wide fairy lights around it
  • Small fresh herb pots
  • Hang delicate paper butterflies inside

Make a Purchase

I found these bee skep hives on a couple of different websites and have included my affiliate link in case you are interested. The prices aren’t bad, especially for a set of two lanterns. I’m calling them lanterns.)) I have them added to my Amazon store too!

Amazon: Melrose Set of 2 Bee Skep Hive Tabletop Decorations

Walmart: Melrose Set of 2 Bee Skep Hive Tabletop Decorations

Stay Tuned…

I’ll be posting about more trends that we saw at market to give you some ideas about upcoming products and trends. This market was for the holiday season of 2024 but I browsed through spring and summer products too))

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bee skep (hive) lantern with wood base and wire top

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