Patriotic Lantern Bow Tutorial

patriotic decoration for a lantern beside a folded flag on a hearth

Memorial Day

Memorial Day will be here soon and I thought for this year I would just do a very simple patriotic decoration like a lantern bow for the living room. My dad passed away almost two years ago at age 98. He was very proud to be a veteran. We received a folded flag at his funeral so I had planned to showcase it for Memorial Day.

My plan had been to the flat inside a lantern, but the lantern was too small, so I just made a patriotic lantern bow to put on top and lay the flag beside the lantern.

I love patriotic decorations and will probably put something new on the front door too, but today, just a simple bow will do.

Video Tutorial

Supplies for a Lantern Bow

The exact ribbons I used may no longer be available at Trendy Tree since they came from my “stash.” But here are some similar ones that would make a pretty patriotic lantern bow.

RX9149TR 2.5″ Navy White Horizontal Stripe

RX9136N9 2.5″ Navy White Vertical Stripe

RGC118527 2.5″ White Gauze Ribbon

RGC118624 1.5″ Red Gauze Ribbon

RG1837A1 2.5″ Stars & Stripes Ribbon


Probow 4 in 1 Bowmaker

EZ Bowmaker

Wire Cutters

Ribbon Scissors

Check out this section of ribbon at Trendy Tree for even more choices: Patriotic Ribbon

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If you’re looking for a little more “over the top” patriotic decoration for a lantern bow, here’s one I did a while back as a Trendy Tree tutorial.

old glory

American Flag Guidelines

Memorial Day is upon us and it’s a great time to review our American flag guidelines along with refreshing just what Memorial Day stands for.

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