Cabbage Roses, Tulips & Hydrangeas

There is nothing more refreshing and uplifting than spring flowers like cabbage roses, tulips, and hydrangeas in the dead of winter. Am I right? Yes!

fresh flowers in dead of winter
A Breath of Spring!

Fresh Florals

This pretty floral arrangement showed up at my door a few days before Christmas, a gift from Rachel Wiygul.

Rachel is the floral designer for The Twig, a branch of Trendy Tree. She dropped off these beautiful blooms along with some sweet goodies that were so delicious. The flowers were so beautiful I had to share. I hope it will give you some ideas when you start putting flowers together whether they be fresh or faux.

Cabbage Roses

Now, I’m no flower expert so forgive me if I call a flower by the wrong name))

spring flowers in the dead of winter
Cabbage Roses

The light pink, cream, and green roses are cabbage roses. The cabbage rose features round blossoms that have closely packed petals. The petals overlap and are often thinner than those of a traditional long-stemmed rose. The rose makes you think of a cabbage head and they smell wonderful!

Toffee Rose & Butterfly Ranunculus

toffee rose in creamy caramel color and white butterfly ranuculus
Toffee Rose

The toffee rose has a creamy caramel color and is so unusual! I’ve never seen them growing, but I know Rachel has used them many times in weddings and events. It opens up to reveal a very full and lush rose with a large head compared to some other roses.

The creamy white flower just above it is a butterfly ranunculus. It looks a little bit like a dogwood bloom with its wide petals and crown-like center.

Here are a couple more images where Rachel used the toffee roses in arrangements for events.

toffee roses in an urn with bells of ireland
Toffee Roses in an Urn
arrangement of roses and pampas grass
Roses & Pampas Grass

Tulips & Snowflake Mum

pink tulips in a vase with a gold pinecone and snowflake mums
Pink Tulips

Nothing says spring more than tulips! I love this shade of pink….well I’ll admit I’ve never seen a tulip that I didn’t like! They are still beautiful when they start to droop a little.

You can’t see it well, but the creamy white flower on the right is a butterfly mum. I love how Rachel puts these beautiful blooms together and then throws in some cedar or magnolia branches cut right out of the yard.

We live in a small town and it’s nothing unusual to see Rachel scavaging around in yards or on the side of the highway cutting stems or branches))

I love the gold pinecone which gives the arrangement a Christmasy look. I asked her where she got it because I hadn’t seen those on Trendy Tree. She painted it of course)) Just one pinecone in the middle. That is the kind of little touch here and there that makes her creations special.

snowflake mum in a christmas floral arrangement with cabbage roses, tulips and hydrangeas
Snowflake Mum

Oh, I did have a better image of the snowflake mum. Sorry bout that! All the images came from two different arrangements. Rachel had dropped one off for me, and one for Carrie. I’ll admit it, I was tempted to “casually forget” that Carrie had an arrangement at the house. But I didn’t.😏

You can see the cabbage roses in the upper right corner and a plain white long-stemmed rose in the center.


creamy white hydrangea, pink tulips, and cabbage roses

The arrangement contained one big creamy white hydrangea. It was stunning and one was all that was needed.

Hydrangeas are so popular in the south and I have several Lime Light and Summer Crush plants in the yard. But I wanted a white one too and bought two. They turned out to the more of the Lime Light. I can’t wait for them to start blooming. Once they start, they bloom until fall. Maybe I’ll try to plant another white one this year. We’ll see.

Real Touch

If you are looking for faux flowers for your home, go for the ones that are labeled as Real Touch.

It’s pretty easy to find tulips and hydrangeas in the Real Touch variety. They cost more but are so. much more realistic. Sometimes after touching them, you will still sniff them just to be sure)))

Well, I hope a look at these beautiful spring blooms gave you some ideas for your own arrangements. This was my first floral arrangement to have cabbage roses in it and I think they will be my new favorite))

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