Rustic Christmas Tree and Lantern Decor

rustic christmas tree for a cabin or lodge
Rustic Christmas Tree – Regency Int’l Showroom Dallas

I love this rustic Christmas tree! And it has coordinating lantern ideas to go with it. The tree was in the Regency International Showroom at the Dallas market. It’s simply gorgeous and somewhat of a slim tree style too so it would take up less room. Of course, any of the trees you see in the market showrooms are huge but you can take their ideas and run with them on a smaller tree))

lantern decorated with wood beads
Lantern with Rustic Theme

And just so you don’t miss it….I have a page that has hundreds of decorated Christmas trees! It’s so helpful to browse through beautiful trees and get ideas and inspiration for your own home. Here’s the link.

Highlights – The Tree

Here are the things I like about this tree. I’m mentioning them now so that you will notice them during the video. I don’t want you to miss anything!


  • Subtle Colors – Pale sage green, cream, and light natural with shades of chocolate and reddish brown for contrast.
  • The lanterns have eucalyptus sprays that are sort of a light bluish shade which adds softness.


  • Only one style of ribbon was used. I thought at first, the deer ribbon was just layered over a solid chocolate brown. But it actually had an edge on it. I looked at the SKU number to be sure.
  • You could achieve a similar look though by layering a 2.5″ ribbon over a 4″ ribbon.


  • Wood Beads – I like how the bead garlands are draped on the tree with the deep loops. Wood beads are trending this year. Regency used beads on the lanterns too.
  • Flocked Ornaments – There are chocolate and rusty brown or almost burgundy flocked ornaments on the tree. Notice the sprinkling of snow! That did not come on the ornament and would be easy to re-create with some loose snowflakes.
  • Disk ornaments with deer.
  • Bird Ornaments – Some of the birds appear to be flocked and some are feathered. Bird ornaments add such special detail. They almost go unnoticed, but when you see them….wow.
  • Faux Wood Limbs – The faux wood logs or thick slices came out a few years ago and to me have waxed and waned in popularity, but they are perfect for this tree. They too were used in the lantern decorations.

Picks & Sprays

  • Berry Branches – The cream berry branches add a good two feet to the height of this rustic Christmas tree. Adding a tree topper of branches, picks, and sprays is always a good way to add more height to your tree if your ceiling is 10′ or more. You can also raise your tree from the floor and place it on a sturdy table, overturned tub, etc. By doing this you can easily turn a 7′ tree into looking like a 10′ tree.


  • Hanging Lanterns – The lanterns are hanging from the ceiling! This would not be so easy to do in your home, but imagine coming through a foyer of hanging lanterns and then laying your eyes on this tree.
  • To re-create this look would just depend on the height of your ceiling and your craftiness I suppose. It shouldn’t be hard to do, but the lanterns would need to be secure! Looks like they used chains to hang them.
  • The rustic Christmas tree theme was carried right on over to the lanterns.
  • Notice the faux wood risers that the candles sit on. Loose snow is sprinkled everywhere.

The Video

Okay, here’s what you have been waiting for. The video)) You may notice some things that I didn’t point out. Leave me a comment if something speaks to you that I missed!

Trendy Tree

I know it doesn’t help much to show a beautiful tree like this rustic Christmas tree without links to find the decorations. Trendy Tree does have some Regency International products, but not the items used on this tree. I browsed around though and found a few things that were similar.

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