Dashing Thru the Snow: Multicolor Christmas Decor

whimsical flocked christmas tree with snowball garland, snowball ornament, blue decoration, and whimsical signs

Dashing Thru the Snow

Love colorful decorations? I’m right there with you! The ‘Dashing Thru the Snow’ collection by RAZ Imports is brimming with snowballs, oversized multicolor ornaments, delicate snowflakes, playful snow-skiing elves, and an array of frost-kissed decorations.

Usually, when I think of multicolor decorations it brings children to mind. But the Dashing Thru the Snow Tree has more of a grown-up feel, yet it presents the chance to use some favorite multicolor decorations. Big blue balls, snowmen, snowflakes, and more.

Trendy Tree

Trendy Tree still has a few of the products from this whimsical collection in stock.

dashing thru the snow - snowball sprays

Snowball picks are great to use in a Christmas tree or a centerpiece.

Update: Sorry, but the snowball pick has already sold out. But there is a RAZ snowball garland still in stock as of today: G4106745

glittery snowflake christmas sprays

This snowflake spray is about 35″ and has around nine snowflakes. I just checked, it’s available))

multicolor light bulb picks

These frosted Christmas light bulb sprays come as a set of three, red, green, and blue. They are about 29″ in length and each one is lighted individually. They require 3 AAA batteries and include a timer. Great for decorating your tree or other holiday decorations.

bottle brush trees

Bottlebrush trees can be used in any number of ways. The Dashing Thru the Snow tree even shows them on the tree branches. They look good used in centerpieces, mantels, desktops, or tabletops. Very versatile. Trendy Tree has other styles of bottle brush trees in stock. You can see them here: Bottle-Brush Trees


I searched Amazon and found several Dashing Thru the Snow RAZ products. Here are some affiliate links.

Visit my pages to see more Christmas inspiration and ideas. I’ve been collecting designer-decorated Christmas tree images and videos for years so there is a Christmas style for everybody))

Check out the page below to see more snowy trees.

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