Holiday Table Decor: Gifting Christmas Magic with Ornaments

holiday table decor gifting christmas magic with ornaments

Holiday Table Decor

Transform your Christmas dinner into a memorable celebration with holiday table decor and sharing joy through thoughtful Christmas ornament gifts.

I took the video above in one of the showrooms at the Dallas market. The showrooms are just gorgeous and you can get so many decorating ideas if you can just remember them all. So I take a lot of pictures and videos)))

The table setting just spoke to me because as you know, Trendy Tree has an enormous selection of figural glass Christmas ornaments. That’s how Trendy Tree started! We started the business with just a few ornaments from select companies and now that business has grown so much that it is amazing. Trendy Tree has almost 1,500 styles of collectible glass ornaments! Ornaments that represent most any occasion and everything from sports to junk food!

Anyway, back to the table setting.

The Wreath

There is a small faux boxwood wreath in the table setting that looks to be about a 6″ or 8″ wreath. A glass pomegranate ornament sits perfectly in the center. A salad plate is usually around 7″ to 8.5″ there about.

Very small wreaths like this may be a little difficult to locate, but I found one on Walmart’s website. It’s an artificial (plastic) boxwood wreath. Preserved boxwood is much more expensive. I have included my Walmart affiliate link. Affiliate links (if you click on them) may pay me a few pennies. It adds nothing to the cost of the product. Who knows, maybe I’ll collect enough one day to buy a pack of gum….lol.

small boxwood wreath that could be placed on a dinner plate for decoration

I found another some small eucalyptus candle rings on Amazon and I’m including my affiliate link for it also.

eucalyptus candle rings from Amazon

Candle rings would probably be easier to find than tiny wreaths and likely to be less expensive too. Plus you could use the candle rings year-round probably more so than a very small wreath.

The Christmas Ornaments

The pomegranate ornament shown in the picture is perfect for Christmas of course with its red coloring. But you could use a variety of ornaments depending on your dinnerware, occasion, and your guests. Here are a couple of ideas using Trendy Tree ornaments.

The pomegranate from Trendy Tree is sold out, but how about a red apple))

I had an image of a cantaloupe ornament to share but in light of the recent Salmonella outbreak across the country….I figured it might not be a memory one would want to be reminded of. 🥺

But you get the idea. There are ornaments for favorite animals, foods, lifestyles, sports, collegiate, and so forth.

The Ribbon

The showroom chose to use a 4″ red velvet ribbon between the salad and dinner plate. The red really stands out against the green dinnerware.

4" red velvet christmas ribbon from trendy tree

You could always use a napkin instead of a ribbon, but ribbon is a great alternative, especially if with an assortment of colors and patterns available. It’s a really easy way to add color to holiday table decor.

The other items on the holiday table were small potted boxwood, glass tabletop trees, and brass candlesticks.

mini boxwood topiary from Walmart

Small potted boxwoods were hard to find but I did find the one above at Walmart. You could easily substitute this with other potted greenery, or fresh greenery and poinsettias. Trendy Tree has a few glass or wood tabletop trees that are lighted, and several bottle-brush trees, and cone trees.

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Tea Towel Idea

One project that I’ve been trying to work on is to create a printed tea towel with one of my Mother’s hand-written recipes. I thought it would make a thoughtful gift to her grandchildren, some of whom never knew her.

But anyway….how cute a table setting would be with something like your Mother’s or Grandmother’s hand-written pecan pie recipe on a tea towel. The tea towel could be used instead of the ribbon and a Pecan Pie Christmas ornament from Old World Christmas))

Pecan pie won’t work for you? Well, there is apple, cherry, and blueberry to choose from too!

The tea towel was just a thought. Maybe I can get in gear and put my thoughts to work for my own dinner table))) If it works out…you’ll be the first to know.

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