Outdoor Winter Mantel Idea

outdoor winter mantel idea
Outdoor Mantel Idea

Outdoor Mantel & Christmas Decorations

Reposted from 2022

My outdoor mantel is decorated with greenery, pinecones, berries, and lights. But this holiday season I decorated the inside of our house with some multicolor decorations. Not necessarily my forte, but we were having several small children during the holidays and I had them in mind))

Long gone are the days when I can decorate for my grandchildren. They are all grown, or almost grown so usually I decorate now just for my taste really. And I’m decorating less and less!

The older we get, the harder it gets to decorate! Plus, whatever you put up, has to come back down. So think about it before you start))) So the inside decorations include multicolor lights, Santas, and snowmen. But for the outside, I went back to my favorite things. Just greenery and mostly nature-type items.

Outdoor Winter Mantel

I didn’t buy anything new this year to decorate the back porch. Everything was either 2-4 years old or older, so I can’t provide you any links to the Trendy Tree products that I used, they are all sold out now, but I’ll list some similar items.

The Mantel Process

  • A simple pine garland was the first layer that acted as a base.
  • Next went some glittered pinecones. These were actually two RAZ Pinecone Garlands that I have had for years. They are battery-operated which is nice if you remember to turn them on!
  • An iced cedar garland went next. The iced cedar garland was longer than the pine garland so it draped off the corners. Find the center of your garland and start in the center of the mantel. Then whatever you have left drapes off the ends.
  • Next came a strand of tiny electric LED lights on a thin wire. I LOVE this type of light. You can tuck them in here and there and you don’t even notice the wire. The lights plug in so there is an extension cord that runs off the back of the mantel into a plug. I use them on the outdoor mantel year-round.
  • I used some red berry picks and just stuck them in here and there. Nothing was fastened to anything, it was all just layered.
  • The last thing was a red wooden bead garland draped across the front. The bead garland and berries just added a little bit of red.

Just a Thought

Food for thought if you are building a house or remodeling consider extra outlets on all your mantels. I had the foresight to have electrical outlets placed on each end of the mantel in the house. I don’t know why I didn’t do this same thing on the back porch!

outdoor winter mantel
Outdoor Winter Mantel

After Christmas, I’ll remove the red berry sprays and wood bead garland and keep the winter mantel decoration until the first of March probably. We have our coldest weather it seems in February. By March, I’ll be looking for some spring blooms!

red wooden bead garland
Red Wooden Bead Garland

What’s your favorite way to decorate an outdoor mantel? I would love to hear your ideas! Just make a comment, I love hearing from readers and sharing ideas))

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