Chaos with Christmas Scents: Air Wick Fresh Pine & Juniper

airwick pine and juniper essential oil plugin


A few days ago I visited Carrie (our daughter) and was greeted with the most delightful Christmas scent. It was coming from an Air Wick plugin using Fresh Pine and Juniper essential oil. Perfect for this time of the year! She also had some candles burning but the woodsy scent of a real Christmas tree was my favorite.

Now, I do burn candles at my house, but not a lot. As we have gotten older, I’m always afraid I’ll forget to put one out. It has happened…so…. Anyway, once I get potted Poinsettias for the holidays, I like to use those Scentsicles (scented sticks) and just poke them down in the pots. Here’s a post I’ve done about them in the past.

But, I really liked what Carrie had going so off to Walmart I went to get some of the same plugins.


They have a LOT of choices when it comes to aromas and diffusers! So I had to text her a couple of times to find out exactly what brand she was using and she sent a pic. I was able to find the refills for the oil, but not the thingy that you put the oil in. This should have been a simple purchase right?

I kept looking and she called me saying the diffuser comes in a package with a bottle of oil, and that I might have to get a different scent and then use the refills of the Fresh Pine and Juniper. Finally, I found them, but also found a diffuser plugin by itself. It was the Air Wick Advanced Plug in Scented Oil Warmer. Mine came from Walmart but Amazon has them in a pack of four. I’ve included my Amazon affiliate link. Walmart had three left, so I bought all three and a package of five oil refills of Fresh Pine and Juniper. I figured a five-pack would last me through the Christmas holidays.


I briefly, sort of read the instructions. Pretty simple, take the cap off the oil and snap it in. I did see that it said to avoid spills by keeping it upright.

Our house isn’t huge, but still, I thought using three of the plugins would be about right. I placed one in the kitchen, the living area, and one in our bedroom. They light up a little when you plug them in, nice. That was late in the afternoon and we left the house for a while after that. When we returned we were greeted with a nice Christmasy scent in the house.

Later that Night

I noticed that you REALLY could smell the pine and juniper as we were watching TV and even later on that night, the house was really smelling quite nice. It did seem to be getting a little stronger though.

After we went to bed, you could still smell the Christmasy scent. It began to seem to be a little strong, and initially, I thought it was probably because had handled the pieces getting to it set up and sometimes you just get a scent in your head and it’s just there!

As the night wore on, every time I woke up I could smell the pine scent strongly! It finally became so noticeable that I had to pull the cover over my nose. Now, I could have gotten up and unplugged the one in the bedroom, but I thought I would move it in the morning.

By morning, the house was FILLED with the woodsy scent and it was quite overpowering. My first thought was that I obviously didn’t need three. So, I took the one out of the bedroom and put it in the garage!

We have the best-smelling garage in the neighborhood and Browser sleeps out there! But the house still smelled pretty strong. So I thought, maybe they are adjustable, and sure enough, you can dial down the amount of scent. I was puzzled though as to why Air Wick would put the adjustment on the bottom. Seems to me it makes it a little awkward.

Days Later

Only a few days later I noticed that the plugins were almost out of oil already. This couldn’t be right I thought and I figured it was time to visit Air Wick’s website and see what was going on.

Well, I should have paid more attention to the instructions at the get-go! First off, I had them plugged in upside down!

correct way to plug in air wick air freshners

Soooooo when I thought I was dialing them down…..I was dialing the scent up! I never even noticed that the indicators got larger as you turned them up. Of course, had I been looking down on them instead of looking up under them I might have noticed that! Remember, I was trying to keep them upright so the oil wouldn’t spill and had them upside down all the while!

adjusting the scent on an air wick plugin

Moral of the Story

If you can’t laugh at yourself, you can’t laugh at anyone else)))

Silly mistakes, but I’ve finally gotten control over the Air Wick Fresh Pine and Juniper scent. I’m almost out of essential oil, but I can get more. I might even explore some of the other everyday scents like Lavender and Waterlily, or Fresh Linen. They even have one called Fresh Waters.

You may have thought to yourself, how can she share such a ridiculous story! Well, it doesn’t matter how old we are, how busy we are, how educated we are, or anything. Sometimes you make stupid, silly, mistakes and I figured if I did….I bet you there is someone else out there that did the same thing, or something similar)))

Leave me a comment and share your faux pas!

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