How to Fluff an Artificial Christmas Tree

48″ Flocked Tree from Lowes

Fluffing a Christmas Tree

This post will show you how to fluff an artificial Christmas Tree. This year I bought two 48″ flocked, lighted trees in pots, to use out by our side entryway. I just wanted to take a few minutes to show you how to properly fluff a Christmas tree))) Here’s the before and after:

how to fluff an artificial christmas tree
Fluffing a Christmas Tree

Tips For Fluffing an Artificial Christmas Tree

Place the tree on a surface so you won’t have to bend over. (A large tree will have to be fluffed from the floor and you will need a ladder.)

Use something to protect the surface and something that you can rotate if possible.

christmas tree in a pottery pot
Christmas Tree in Stoneware Pot

My tree was in pottery of some sort, so I placed it on top of a large grassy mat. I think this mat is actually a charger, but I use it for a hot pad.

Put the pieces of the tree together by lining up where the plugins are for the lights. Make sure the pieces of the tree are fitted together completely. This tree came in only two pieces, but I have a larger 7′ tree that is in three pieces. The pieces are usually labeled something like A B C. I never remove these tags.

locate light plugins
Locate Light Plugins

Watch the Video!

Next Step

You will notice in the video that I didn’t check the lights until the last step. My bad! I should have done this first to make sure everything worked correctly.

There is nothing more frustrating than when the lights on a prelit tree don’t work or stop working after a year or two. It will happen though.

These trees came from Lowes and I really like the way they look once fluffed and lighted. My plan is to set them into larger pots that stay on the side porch all the time. I think I said in the video that they were 36″ trees, but they are 48″

I just change out whatever is in the pots for the season. You may have seen pictures of my ferns in those big pots. At the end of the season, I just take them out, pot and all, and replace them with something else. The ferns grow quite well for a season in the plastic pot they come in. I just remove the hangers and fertilize well with bone meal.

shade fern
Shade Fern

I’ll post a pic of my fluffed trees once I get my extension cords set up. Gosh, decorating is never ending isn’t it!

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  1. Loved your post/video on how to fluff an artificial Christmas tree!! The finished tree is so beautiful!! Just magical!! Jeannie…you are truly a gift to this world!!

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