Christmas Smells with Scentsicles

Red Poinsettia with Christmas Scentsicles placed in pot for Christmasy smell

Christmas scents conjure up all kinds of memories, don’t they! I can get a whiff of cedar and instantly think of the cedar trees that we cut down, packed in a bucket of rocks, and decorated as kids. An easy way to re-create these favorite scents is to use Scentsicles.


Scentsicles are little green sticks that are scented in different fragrances: White Winter Fir; O Christmas Tree; Spiced Pinecones; Two Dashes of Cinnamon, Christmas Berry, Pear in a Pine Tree, Ruby Red Poinsettia, Mulled Wine, and Snow Berry Wreath.

White Winter Fir is my favorite. There may be more scents! I didn’t realize there were so many until I started looking. Here’s my Amazon link: Scentsicles and a Walmart link: Scentsicles

How to Use Scentsicles

Scentsicles are about 5″ in length and have a little hole so you can hang them in your tree. They even come with a little swirly hanger. They are reported to last about 30 days but discard them when you take down or remove your tree. Keep away from children and pets.

I usually hang some in the tree and put some in the garland on the mantle (keeping it off the painted surface of the mantel. The sticks might not hurt the paint, but the sticks are green and I’m not taking any chances).

decorated christmas tree with red and white flowers

And while we are mentioning Christmas trees, here’s a short post I did showing how to fluff an artificial Christmas tree. Fluffing the limbs is so important to make your tree look its best.

My favorite way to use them is to tuck in my potted Poinsettias.

Scentsicles that you can purchase from Walmart to give your home a nice smell. I tucked one in a flower pot of Poinsettias


Poinsettias are fairly inexpensive at Walmart! That’s really an easy way to add a pop of color to your home. You can find smaller sizes that are perfect for counters or tabletops.

Just remove that paper pot and slip it into a piece of pottery, basket, or another container that you might have around the house. Placing the Poinsettias in a pretty container makes all the difference in the world!

Then just take one of the Scentsicles and tuck it down in the dirt!

Here’s another Poinsettia I have sitting on a table in the living area. It smells so good every time I walk by it))

Poinsettia in a wooden bucket for holiday decorating

Wood beads….getting a little off the subject, but did you know they are still trending?

If you’ve tried Scentsicles what you’re favorite scent?

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  1. I’ve been wanting to try these. I just forget to get them. Thx for the reminder friend. I will come check out the scents ❤🌲💚

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