Easy Christmas Mantel Decor

Easy Christmas Mantel

The older I get, the simpler my decorations get! This year I decided to just go with natural greens and red products. My flocked tree is covered with red blooms, berries, and green leafy picks, so I carried this same theme to my mantel.

christmas mantel decoration, mantle decoration for christmas
Easy Christmas Mantel


85347FROST 6″ Frosted Cedar Garland (2)

9′ Inexpensive Pine Garland (Hobby Lobby or Walmart)

EC4009 44″ Snow Berry Branch (4)

The other berry branches I used are now sold out, but here are some substitutes:

EW006524 27″ Red Berry Spray

85068RD 14″ Red Berry Pick

F3802348 40″ Red Berry Spray

F4170063 28.5″ Red Berry Cedar Pick

F4002418 29″ Iced Red Berry Spray

EC580424 31″ Shiny Red Berry Spray


Start a base for the Christmas mantel by using an inexpensive pine garland. I got my pine garland at Hobby Lobby or Walmart I think, it was on sale somewhere. It was about 5-6′ in length.

My mantel is 72″ in width. Now when I decorate for myself, I don’t do anything permanent. Lay the base garland on the top of the mantle and center it.

The Frosted Cedar Garland was my focal point and the more expensive of garlands. I used two and secured them together with floral wire. I found the center point of the garland, and the mantel and positioned the garland as evenly as I could.

We saw lots of mantels at market where the garland was draped off on one side. So that’s a thought when positioning your Christmas mantel decorations.

Place the Frosted Cedar Garland more toward the front of the mantel so the long strands will drape off the edge on the front. Use chenille stems or floral wire and secure the two garlands together at 4-6 points.

Red Berries

Place two of the 44″ Snow Berry Branches in the center, each one pointing toward the end of the mantel. Place two more at each end of the mantel and fill in with other berry picks to the full desired. Leave the Snow Berry branches fully intact. Snip up other berry picks into smaller pieces and just tuck pieces in here and there.

red berries and cedar garland for a Christmas mantel
Snowed Red Berry Picks and Frosted Cedar

Tiny Lights

Place tiny lights just sort of weaving them in and out of the garland, they won’t need to be secured.

Tiny tiny lights on a wire strand are the best lights to use since the thin wires don’t show like the cords of Christmas tree lights. My mantel has plugins on each end, so I use a light strand that plugs in. It actually stays on my mantel all year long as I change out the decoration for the season.

decorate a mantel for Christmas
Tiny Electric Lights

Here are some tiny lights on a wire that we have in stock at Trendy Tree. These have remotes!

LL600426 40′ with 100 Lights (battery)

G3837500 21.5″ 200 Lights (electric)

Christmas mantel with cedar garland and frosted red berries
Cozy Living


I would be remiss not to tell you the complete story behind my Christmas mantel decoration. Initially, it did have big, beautiful Poinsettia sprays in the center and all along the length of the mantel. Well, one morning we got up and everything had fallen off the mantel and was just hanging by the strand of tiny lights. I blamed it on the Grinch!

So, after I cleaned up the mess that the snowed berries and iced garland made, I elected to leave off the Poinsettias and make it simpler. Plus I was rushed to get things ready for a Christmas get-together!

So there you know……the rest of the story)))

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