Quick Tip for Cutting Orange Slice Candy

orange slice candy
Orange Slice Candy

Quick Tip

Here’s a quick tip for cutting orange slice candy for those delicious cakes and cookies. Use kitchen scissors and dip the tip in water frequently between slices. It helps so much!

Orange slice candy is sticky and gooey. It can be quite discouraging just getting the candy cut up! So try this little tip and see if it doesn’t help. You’ll whistle while you work!


I’m working on a blog post about the no-bake fruitcake that I made using orange candy. It was the first time I had used the candy in a recipe and it turned out great! Carrie isn’t a fan of raisins, so this helped take up leaving raisins out of her cake. I divided the cake up into three tins, one without raisins for her.

I’ll share that recipe soon!

What’s your favorite way to use orange slice candy in a recipe? Share, please!

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While I was blogging about orange slices, I thought, what the heck, how long have orange slices been around anyway. An internet search really didn’t give me the information I was looking for. But I do know they have been around since 1950 for sure.

My grandmother ALWAYS had orange slice candy, chocolate drops, and hard filled Christmas Candy during the holidays. The goodies would be in a little fruit bowl that sat on top of the “deep freeze.” We didn’t call it the freezer…..it was the “deep freeze.”

There would usually be some assorted whole shell nuts that we pounded with a hammer on the fireplace hearth. My granddaddy would old two pecans in his hands and crack them with his hands. My favorites were the brazil nuts and hazelnuts. Pecans were pretty common to have, so they were good but nothing special and I didn’t like walnuts.

It’s funny how something like orange slice candy can conjure up memories from days gone past….way past!


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