Quick Tip for Frosting a Cake

Here’s a quick tip for keeping your cake plate nice and clean when frosting a cake. It’s so easy!

Parchment Paper

I just LOVE parchment paper and find so many uses for it in the kitchen. Using it to keep my serving dish clean while icing a cake is just one use for it. We also use it in the air fryer, baking cookies, roasting vegetables, or just about anything that goes in the oven.

You can get parchment paper on a roll like wax paper or foil, and it also comes in precut sheets that you pull out of a box. My husband always goes for the precut sheets. He uses it in the air fryer for potatoes, onion rings, chicken tenders, and all sorts of things.

It makes cleanup so easy! Anyway, back to the cake!

Place strips of parchment paper, wax paper, or foil, and slip them under the edge of your cake. Slip it under there just enough to hold it in place. I keep kitchen scissors handy in a drawer for just this very thing.

frosting a cake
Keep the Cake Plate Clean

When you have finished frosting your cake, gently pull the paper strips out and discard them. Voila! Your cake plate or serving dish is nice and clean.

how to keep your cake plate clean when icing a cake
Chocolate Cake

Using this tip for frosting a cake is something I learned from my mother many years ago. By the way, the crystal cake plate belonged to her and it has a tall clear cover. Wish I had photographed it! Next time I will. I’ve been so afraid I would break it, but so far so good.

My mom passed away over 20 years ago. She was a great cook))) This chocolate frosting was one of her favorites and today was the first time I had tried it. I made a couple more of her recipes for our extended family Christmas meal and I’ll tell you about those later.

I would post the frosting recipe here, but I’d like to try it another time or two. The recipe was very old and I had to add more squares of chocolate than her recipe called for. The chocolate squares must not be as big as they used to be!

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