Cherry Cream Cheese Pie

pecan crust with cream cheese cherry pie filling
Easy! No Bake!

A cherry cream cheese pie is one of the absolute easiest pies that will turn out perfect every time.

This pie only takes a few ingredients and is ready to go in the frig by the time you can stir it up. The hardest part is to remember to set the cream cheese out to soften! If you’re like me, when you think about making it, you want to do it right then.

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Cherry Cream Cheese Pie



  • Allow cream cheese to soften a room temperature. If you absolutely cannot wait, microwave at 10-second intervals. Be sure not to overdo it!
  • Cream softened cream cheese, sweetened condensed milk, and vanilla flavoring until smooth. Blend by hand or electric mixer. If cream cheese isn’t softened enough, it will have small lumps.
  • Add lemon juice. Can be fresh or bottled.
  • Pour into crust.
  • Spoon cherry pie filling on top.
  • Refrigerate for at least an hour. Better yet, all night.

Didn’t I say a cherry cream cheese pie would be easy? It is, and it tastes good and looks good too! Your family will be impressed! It’s a great pie for a beginner cook or an old hand like me.


I chose a pecan crust for my pie because we are always trying to reduce carbs a bit. We don’t do a great job at it, but I’m hoping every little bit helps. My pie filling was also no sugar added and I couldn’t tell the difference between it and the regular pie filling. I used the Walmart brand, but you can get Lucky Leaf too.

The sweetened condensed milk was also a Walmart brand. I have not been able to tell any difference between Eagle Brand and the Walmart store brand, and it saves you a few cents.

chill cherry cream cheese pie in the frig and serve cold.
Chill and Serve

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