Bunny Bottom Door Hangers

metal bunny bottom door hanger with bow

Bunny Bottoms

The Trendy Tree crew got together the other day and Carrie made bows for all these bunny bottom door hangers…..FIVE of them! The whole time we were working I couldn’t help but think about the Bunny Hop! Here’s what I found))))

Do you remember Lawrence Welk?

Bunny Bottom Door Hangers

metal bunny bottom door hanger with bow

These metal bunnies measure about 29″ in ht and 15.2″ in width. There is also a 15″ size. They have a saw-toothed hanger on the back which makes it easy to hang. Carrie and the girls picked out some matching ribbon for each bunny and bundled the ribbon and bunny bottom in a kit. Kits make it easy for a quick craft. And they understand how hard it is also to pick out matching ribbons online. It’s not quite like holding things in your hands in a store to compare colors, textures, etc.

The bunny bottom door hangers were really popular that day and a couple of styles sold out, but there are still a few left. Here’s a list.

Bunny Bottom Door Hanger Supplies

Trendy Tree has hundreds of ribbons to choose from if the bundles are already sold out. The Pink and Green Floral Bunny was my favorite))))

Watch The Replay

Double Doors?

If you have double doors and purchase a bunny bottom bundle with ribbon, there is plenty of ribbon to make two bows for your bunnies. Just pick up an extra bunny)))

Did the Bunny Hop dance ring a bell? I can remember going all over the house with my sisters and friends. Young and old could do this dance))) Everyone always wanted to be the leader)))

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