Big Carrot Wreath

deco mesh easter wreath with big fabric carrot

Go Big or Go Home!

I think that was Carrie’s philosophy when she picked out the supplies for this big carrot wreath! The fabric carrot is 24″ and when she first told me about her plans I thought….that is way too big for a wreath. But it wasn’t! It measured 24″ from the tip of the carrot to the top of the leaves so it made it just the right size for a “big a_s carrot wreath.”

Now….those were Carrie’s words, not mine)))))

Watch the Replay

We did the tutorial as a Facebook/TikTok live from my craft room…..overlook the mess!


All the supplies for the big carrot wreath came from Trendy Tree. The carrot is available in three sizes if you want something smaller, or if you want to add more than one carrot to a wreath. And remember, you can always pick out other colors of mesh and styles of ribbon. Trendy Tree has thousands of products to choose from.


Carrot Mesh Wreath Kit

Individual Products

xx750360 25″ Evergreen Wreath

Ry8319b5 10.5″ Fresh Green Moss Small Stripe Faux Jute Mesh 

xb97910-28 10″ Fuchsia Fabric Mesh

HE7247 24″ Fabric Carrot

42423-40-11 2.5″ Multi Stripe Ribbon

42437-40-21 2.5″ Black White Race Checks

31404-09-19 1.5″ Linen Carrots

42419-09-22 1.5″ Yellow White Micro Dot

Handy Tools

Cutting Mat

Rotary Cutter


Bow Makers

Zip Ties


Spring will be here soon I hope! We all look forward to it after a cold, dreary winter and especially after the “freeze” we had for a full week! And I’m hearing that we’re in store for another freeze before Spring gets here. The grass is dead and I’m worrying that some of my hydrangeas didn’t make it through the cold weather.

Putting that aside, it’s fun to work on some cheerful like the big carrot wreath))) And it’s always fun to have Carrie, Ashleigh, and Taalor here at the house crafting together. Sometimes you can’t see them on camera but they are always in the background keeping things going)) I wish we had a bigger space than my craft room so we could spread out a little more)))

More to Come!

I have a post that I’m working on with some BIG metal bunny door hangers that we did the other day, so stay tuned!

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